SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! December 14, 2007


This week Lori and I are all about reviewing the new movies — new in
theaters, and new on DVD. From Ellen Page‘s fantastic turn
in Juno
and Keri Russell‘s yummy pies in Waitress, to Nicole Kidman‘s wasted efforts in
The Golden Compass and the Tom Cruise and Meryl
talkfest Lions
for Lambs
, we show you scenes from the movies and give you our take
on whether they’re worth watching (don’t worry, nothing too spoilery!).

And then there’s Megan Fox‘s mechanically gifted girl-with-an-attitude
character in Transformers,
an entertaining action movie with surprisingly good female roles. A woman who
can fix our car, battle killing machines, and look effortlessly beautiful, all
at the same time? We’re in!

She Made Me Watch This! December 14, 2007

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Due to the holidays, this the last video blog Lori and I are doing
until January
(which means no Who Thought THAT Was a Good Idea?
on Monday, and no more She Made Me Watch This! this month). But we’ll
be back the first week in January with lots to discuss in both vlogs —
including weekly analysis of the lesbian storyline on Cashmere

See you next year!

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