SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! December 7, 2007


We’re back in our regular groove this week, bringing you fun television highlights
(and clips!) from the last few weeks from shows like 30
k, Blood
, and Moonlight.

And don’t think we ignored Sarah Shahi‘s lesbian
kiss on Life!

We’ve bucketed this week’s shows into categories in our vlog. Can you guess
which category applies to which show, before you watch?

1) Best Mid-Season CliffhangerA) 30 Rock (NBC)
2) Best Hot Dead ExB) Women’s Murder Club (TNT)
3) Best Love TriangleC) Life (NBC)
4) Most ImprovedD) The Closer (TNT)
5) Worst Road TripE) Moonlight (CBS)
6) Most SubversiveF) Blood Ties (Lifetime)

I’ll give you one hint: Women’s Murder Club
gets "Most Improved" — we tell you why in the vlog, and show
you a scene involving a lesbian character in a recent episode.

Also, Lori brings on the charts and graphs … okay, one chart:

I suspect she created something like this about me when we first met, but I’m
afraid to ask…

She Made Me Watch This! December 7,

from Veoh

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