Who Thought THAT Was a Good Idea? Episode 4


This week in dumb celebrity and entertainment news: Angelina Jolie
gets CGI’d in Beowulf,
some desperate TV exec gets the bright idea to remake
the ’80s series Knight
, and Dog the Bounty Hunter‘s racist
isn’t the first dumb move he’s made (that would be having twelve children, and then pissing one off enough that he rats
you out to the media).

Plus, Pierce Brosnan and the paparrazi, what Silk Stalkings
and Different Strokes have in common, and an update on how minorities
are faring behind and in front of the TV camera (bottom line: white people still
run everything).

After you watch our rants, leave your suggestions for other classic (or not-so-classic)
’80s TV shows should never be re-made. Yeah, I’m talking about you, Mr. Belvedere.

Who Thought THAT was a Good Idea? Episode 4

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