Who Thought THAT Was a Good Idea? Episode 3


In this week’s countdown of dumb celebrity and entertainment news, we cover
the outing of Dumbledore, moms cashing in on their celebrity daughters’ fame,
and Law and Order: Criminal Intent‘s wonderful contribution to the
canon of evil, psychotic lesbians on TV (for more background on that, read Malinda’s
2005 overview on Lesbian and Bisexual
Women on Law and Order

You may notice this week’s episode is a little shorter than usual. That’s wasn’t
intentional, it just worked out that way this time given the topics we had to
work with. And the fact that Lori accidentally erased the video of some of our
first takes, so we had to rant about the same topics a few times, and we somehow
got more succinct along the way. We won’t let that happen again! Next week we
promise to be get back to our usual long, rambling rants.

(If you can’t wait that long, check out Friday’s She Made Me Watch This, where there’s plenty of ranting and rambling).

Watch it here now:

Who Thought THAT was a Good Idea? Episode 3

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