“She Got Me Pregnant” Video Blog: Episode 1


Attention all you lesbian and bisexual moms! In partnership with AfterEllen.com, Mombian.com‘s
Dana Rudolph and Helen Maynard present a new weekly video blog exploring the
intersection of lesbian parenting and pop culture.

In their first episode, Dana and Helen review a new TV series for children
of LGBT families, Dottie’s
Magic Pockets
, wonder where Dottie gets all her free time, and debate
the merits of a parallel universe in which only gay people exist. They also
compare Melissa Etheridge and Britney Spears
as parents, and highlight a song that could be an anthem for LGBT families.

Watch it here now &#8212 and if you have suggestions for mom-related books/movies/TV shows/people you’d like them to discuss in future episodes, leave ’em in the comments. Just don’t ask them to explain where Helena’s children went on The L Word. They’re saving that discussion (rant?) for January.

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