Michelle Paradise’s “Exes & Ohs” Video Blog: Episode 2


Writer/director/actor/all around funny lesbian Michelle Paradise is back with the second episode of her weekly Exes & Ohs video blog (watch the first one here).

This time around, Michelle talks about how they cast the dog that appears in the second episode, and answers your questions about why the show was set in Seattle, how it compares to The L Word, whether there are any vlog guestbians in the works, and whether Angela Featherstone was cast because she looks like Lucy Lawless. The short answer to that last one is “no”, but Michelle does an imitation of the “Xena call” that made Lori fall off her chair laughing.

Michelle is coming at you this time from a hotel room in Seattle — which means still no guest appearance by her yawning cat. But room service does make an appearance, right in the middle of her filming (don’t you hate it when that happens?), so she had to break the video up into two clips: pre and post breakfast arrival. Check ’em out here now:

Michelle Paradise Exes & Ohs Video Blog: Episode 1, Part 1

Michelle Paradise Exes & Ohs Video Blog: Episode 2, Part 2


Don’t forgot to post your questions about the second episode in the comments, and Michelle will try to answer them in her next vlog.

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