Michelle Paradise’s “Exes & Ohs” Video Blog: Episode 1


Good news for fans of cute, funny lesbians! Out Exes
& Ohs
star/creator Michelle Paradise
has graciously agreed to do a weekly video blog on AfterEllen.com, every Tuesday
after each new episode airs &#8212 to answer your questions about the show,
tell anecdotes and “making of” stories about the episodes, and just generally
ramble on in that charming way she does.

In this first vlog segment, Michelle introduces herself, responds to a few
of the comments about the show left by readers in my BLWE column Friday, and
explains how much fun it was trying to get a cockatiel with a bad attitude to
land on her head in the show’s first episode.

I have a few questions for Michelle myself after watching the first episode.
First, where did they get those awesome matching blue-knit sweaters Chris and
Kris wore near the end of the first episode? I could have sworn my dad and stepmother
had a set just like them. Loved it.

Second, where else besides lesbian yacht weddings can you meet a lesbian pediatric
surgeon who helps children with rare diseases and looks like an older Summer
from The O.C.? Be specific — inquiring minds want to know!

Michelle will answer these and other questions posted in the comments below
in next Tuesday’s vlog. Meanwhile, watch her first vlog here now:

UK and Canadian readers: watch this video here instead.

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