SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! September 29, 2007


This week on She Made Me Watch This!, we have a guestbian in the
house: Karman Kregloe from the We’re Getting
vlog. It’s like the Different Strokes-Facts of Life
crossover episode, which I guess would make Karman our Gary Coleman.

What does this mean? More Sarah
! More Resident Evil! More interruptions!

Other topics discussed? Bionic
‘s Lesbian Moment That Wasn’t, the travesty that was Saffron
Burrows on Boston Legal
, why not even Kate
could save Private Practice, what we like about the new lesbian dramedy Exes & Ohs, and who each us would be if we were a character on The
We answered Jan, Jim, and Ryan the (Former) Temp, respectively
— match us with our characters before watching the video, and win a spot
on the Dunder Mifflin Party Planning Committee!

She Made Me Watch This! September 29, 2007

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