SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! The Jodie Foster Edition


On Friday, Scribe Grrrl reviewed Jodie
‘s new movie The Brave One,
now it’s our turn. Lori and I give you our take on the vigilante-justice thriller
— which we both agree may just be Jodie’s best movie ever.

Where do we disagree? On her worst movie ever (Sommersby, Flight Plan
or Taxi Driver?), whether The Accused should have even been
made, and whether Jodie looks better in Madeline’s power suits in Inside
or Erica’s leather jacket in The Brave One. Plus, what critics
and readers are saying about The Brave One, and (at
the very end) outtakes in which Lori tries unsuccessfully to say "The Jodie
Foster Edition!" (we finally gave up and just decided to put it in the
title of this blog post).

This vlog assumes you have seen The Brave One, but if you haven’t
seen it, we don’t give away too many plot details/spoilers, so it’s unlikely
that it would ruin the movie for you (especially since you already know from
the trailer what the movie’s basically about: Jodie on a vigilante killing spree).

News not mentioned in our vlog, but worth discussing here, is the fact that
Jodie used the word "partner" in an interview on Thursday for the
first time ever. "There’s a fair amount of vulnerability built into acting,"
Jodie told Denver
reporter Lisa Kennedy, "It’s hard to explain how alone you are
… It’s funny, I crave it. I need to have something that doesn’t belong to
my mom, doesn’t belong to my kids, doesn’t belong to my partner. It just belongs
to me."

Our take on it? Not sure yet. But AE reader notshane
may be on to something when she says,
"[Jodie’s] no fool, and nothing just slips out. I reckon it’s her way of
inching out of the closet door in the US. By her next film, she’ll be bringing
Cydney to her premieres, the way she already does in Europe. Jodie doesn’t let
anything slip by mistake."

While you ponder this, here’s a fun candid photo of Jodie last week at a Brave
premiere party in New York City with Robert Downey Jr. and producer
Susan Downey:

Watch our vlog, then discuss…

She Made Me Watch This! The Jodie Foster Edition

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