New Video Blog: Lesbian “Weeds” Watching


A few weeks ago, we invited readers to let us know if they’d be interested
in doing entertainment-related video blogs for the site. A cute young lesbian
couple in California answered the call with a weekly vlog about Weeds,
Showtime’s drama starring Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth
, and a lot of marijuana.

First, here’s a little info Emma
(the dark-haired one) and Jen
(the blonde) sent me about themselves:

Emma, 22, and Jen, 26, met at a club in L.A. two years ago and have been
doin’ it ever since. In addition to being full-time lesbians, they are also
full-time college students. Emma is majoring in Literary
Journalism and Film and Media Studies and Jen in Accounting. Smartypants!

Emma was born and raised in Las Vegas, but she grew up and got the hell out
of that twilight city two years ago when she moved to California. Her interests
include Cheddar Fries, warm socks, trying to speak French, and street lights
turning green right as you look at them. She hates onions and Tom Cruise.

Jen was born in Huntington Beach, grew up in Oceanside, and then moved to
Los Angeles to be closer to the gays. She likes to wear hats, and she’s constantly
chewing gum. She thinks she sings like a diva, and at home, she’s a secret
General Hospital addict. (No secret anymore!)

Below are three episodes of their new Lesbian Weeds Watching
vlog, which will almost catch you up to where Weeds is at right now.

In this new vlog, you’ll get the same low production quality you’ve come to
expect from vlogs (what can I say, we’re all learning as we go
along!) complete with questionable lighting, a shooting-this-in-our-bedroom
set, and a fan they forget to turn off for the first minute and a half in the
second episode. But they make up for this with fun scene re-enactments (complete
with props), funny commentary, and the fact that they’re cute as a button. (Yikes!
I am turning into my mother!)

Check it out for yourselves here…

Lesbian Weeds Watching 3.1


Lesbian Weeds Watching 3.2


Lesbian Weeds Watching 3.3

Note: Moving forward, new episodes of Lesbian Weeds Watching will be posted
on Mondays, for the preceding Monday’s episode (so, the vlogs will air about
a week after each episode), which means the next one will be posted on September

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