SHE MADE ME WATCH THIS! Lesbian Movie Taboo


I know we said we weren’t going to do a video blog this weekend, but Lori
and I decided to play Lesbian Movie Taboo earlier this week,
and thought we’d post it for your amusement (we hope) over the long weekend.

What’s Lesbian Movie Taboo? It’s our video version of the board game Taboo
with a lesbian twist, in which we try to guess the lesbian movie based on progressively
easier clues that can’t include the name of the movie, the characters, or the
actresses (also, there are no hairdryers,
dolls, or broccoli trees
, because that’s so last week).

For example, Lori started off one movie with the clue "it featured a blond
in black" (um, isn’t that every lesbian movie?). Then I stumped her on
a movie I described as "we hated the movie but liked the lead actress"
(c’mon, that’s easy!). We both used "it was depressing" or "there
were drugs in the movie" as clues far too often (because it’s not a lesbian
movie if someone isn’t on a drug-fueled downward spiral).

Surprisingly, since she generally doesn’t like lesbian movies, Lori correctly
guessed more of them than I expected — apparently she has learned
something from living with me, after all.

Think you know your lesbian movies? Play along and find out! Or just make fun
of our pathetic guesses…

She Made Me Watch This: Lesbian Movie Taboo

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