Don’t miss these lesbian-focused webseries


We have been pop culturally blessed with some really fantastic queer lady focused webseries as of late. From Nikki and Nora, to Venice the Series and Beacon Hill, to the runaway hit Carmilla, the web certainly seems like the place to go to get your fill of amazing lesbian/bisexual/queer content. Here are a few shows that should definitely be on your radar if they aren’t already.

RED Webseries

We are super hot for RED. This series comes to us from Brazil, and its leads have some of the most smoldering chemistry around. Liz (Ana Paula Lima) and Mel (Luciana Bollina) are actresses playing opposite each other in a film. Mel is married to a man, but has had relationships with women in the past, and Liz is an out lesbian. While Liz tries to deal with her growing feelings for Mel, little does she know that Mel is having the same issue. RED has the full package: Fantastic leads, great direction, and music that underscores the whole thing perfectly. The season one finale airs this week, so it’s time to catch up on the previous episodes. You don’t want to miss this one.

Starting from Now

Talk about your serious lesbian drama. Steph (Sarah de Possesse) moves to Sydney to start a new job, and temporarily moves in with best friend, Kristen (Lauren Orrell), and her girlfriend, Darcy (Rosie Lourde). As you guessed it, sparks fly between Steph and Darcy right off the bat. Kristen has been pushing the reluctant Darcy to have a child, but all Darcy can think about it the free spirited Steph. At the end of Season 2, Darcy decides to break it off with a heartbroken Kristen. Season 3 of Starting from Now kicks off this week, and finds all three women dealing with the ramifications of their decisions. Bianca Bradey, who plays Emily (Steph’s sort of ex girlfriend) is also back, which is fantastic because she is easily one of the best things about the series. SFN is featured on the One More Lesbian site, which is a terrific resource for finding new and interesting series.

Girl/Girl Scene

Girl/Girl Scene was one of the pioneers in the lesbian webseries world. Debuting in 2010, creator/writer/star Tucky Williams invited us into main character Evan’s world, which was full of sex, drugs, more sex, definitely rock ‘n roll, and lots of action. After two intense seasons, Girl/Girl Scene took some time to regroup. Now the series is back, in a scaled down, more intimate setting. Evan is still wearing her signature ties and angsty knitted brows, but now she’s found someone who really matters in Rose (Ashley Bacon).

Letters to Quentin

Letters to Quentin is a webseries, set up to look more like a confessional vlog. Mitch Phoenix, played by the very likable Elana D. Mugdan, is a college freshwoman who creates a vlog to keep her older brother Quentin, and the world up to date on her first year away from home. Many of the episodes are not remarkable, but that’s the point. It’s the everyday life of this smart and slightly awkward young woman that keeps us engaged.

Brown Girl Problems

Writer, comedian and your newest crush, Fawzia Mirza, brings us her newest series, Brown Girl Problems. You may already know Mirza from her hilarious Kam Kardashian webseries, and one of the cast of AfterEllen’s series, The Lphabet. Mirza taps into her South Asian heritage to bring us the side-splitting sketches in Brown Girl Problems.

Do you have any favorite webseries that are currently playing? Let us know!



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