“The Lphabet”: B (Episode 2)



As women of the LGBT persuasion know, there are many terms, phrases and shorthands we use to describe things that are unique to our community. This can be as tame as “equality” and as offensive as “carpet muncher”; as sexy as “androgynous” and as confounding as “futch.” So we brought in some experts (comics, writers and actors) who were quizzed on some choice words that are supposedly part of our lexicon. (Like, does anyone actually say “wusband”?) We’re calling this The Lphabet.

We’re taking on two words for each letter. This episode is all about the “B” words. We’re speaking on “baby dykes” and “beards.”


Some of our fave quips from this episode:

“I think of a baby dyke from like 1998, because that’s what I was. I think of butterfly clips. And Sketchers.” —Amy Jackson Lewis

“Just cut the ponytail with scissors and then you’re a baby dyke.” —Faith Choyce

“Probably has a fake ID because a baby dyke can’t get into gay bars yet.” —Brittany Ashley

“I wasn’t a baby when I became a dyke, so I don’t know if I qualify.” —Fawzia Mirza

“I was a baby. I probably was a dyke when I was a baby.” —Lindsay Hicks

“I had a beard for two weeks in high school. I needed his beard to be a beard because everyone was about to know I was gay.” —Lianna Carrera

“I wouldn’t say that I ever had a beard, but I did have a boyfriend that I wouldn’t have sex with.” —Ever Mainard

Check back every Tuesday for a new letter and episode of The LPhabet.

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