“Beacon Hill” recap (1.10): The Puppet Master


Are you ready to rumble? Because Sara sure is. For the first time since setting foot in Beacon Hill, Sara decides to face her grandfather. He is surprised she showed up at all, and that makes two of them. When he presses her for a reason why, she tells him that she has come to make peace.


Then Senator Preston gets positively Shakespearean-like on her ass. Like a regular King Lear confined to his bed, he tells her that there will never be peace in the Preston house. Sara, the Cordelia of this lot, watches her grandfather, heartily regretting her return from her self-imposed exile. She shakes her head, then asks him why her mother drinks so much. He is not about to give her the satisfaction of an answer.


He demands to know why she came back, for real. He wonders if she is disappointed that he’s still alive and in charge of his faculties. Sara takes the high road, shrugging him off and saying that she came because it was the right thing to do. The anger bubbles up however, and she admits to resenting him for many years.He takes her confession with a condescending nod and tells her that he finds that odd considering he got her the internship that landed her in New York. She is taken aback, realizing that what she thought she earned because of her own hard work and talent, was really just a back room deal. It also dawns on her that maybe she did know, and just pushed the realization away because of her desperation to escape her family’s control.

Her grandfather smirks at the fact that it was so easy to get rid of her back then, figuring she would have fought harder. She claims she had no fight left, but Sen. Preston reveals to us that the night of her fight with Kate, she also fought with him. Sara ordered him to back off of Kate, and not make her one of his pawns.


Politics are part of who Kate is, Sen. Preston declares, and she was always going to choose that life. He was just reaping the benefits. He then gives Sara a dose of the truth. Sara didn’t want Kate to be in politics, plain and simple. She wanted Kate to choose her, and when she felt that slipping away, she ran. Sara, he says, was only getting in Kate’s way.

Sara starts to lose ground in the fight, and the tears start to come. She tells him that he’s still playing a game with Kate, and he doesn’t deny it. He suggests that Sara was better off without Kate, and Sara can’t believe he would say that. She broke her own heart six years ago and its never healed. Sen. Preston knows when the odds are in his favor, so he adds that Kate wouldn’t have been happy with Sara.  “She was meant for bigger things,” he barks.


Sara’s resolve has run out and she finally says what she’s wanted to say for years. Her grandfather couldn’t handle the fact that she was gay, and he wanted her gone to save his reputation. He calmly sits through her outburst, and then growls back at her. “I always knew you were a stubborn girl, but I never though you were dumb.”  It cuts like a knife. None of his scheming was in response to her being gay. If not that, then why, Sara screams. Why all the pain, all the lies, all the carnage?


Sen. Preston doesn’t give her an answer. He simply orders her to leave. She is left with nothing but more pain and more questions.

What did you think of this week’s Beacon Hill? Do you think Sara and Kate will ever get out from under Sen. Preston’s thumb?

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