She Made Me Watch This! TV ROUNDUP: “Degrassi”, “The Bionic Woman”, “Life” and more.


In this week’s video blog, Lori and I disagree on who should win Hell’s Kitchen, I defend My Boys, and Lori rants about Paige in the Degrassi season six finale.

Then as part of our ongoing previews of the new fall pilots, we extol the quirky virtues of Pushing Daisies (ABC), wonder how it’s possible to have screwed up a remake of The Bionic Woman (although Katee Sackhoff is brilliant as Michelle Ryan’s arch-nemesis) and debate Sarah Shahi’s new buttoned-up look in Life.

Before you watch our vlog, check out the trailers for these new fall shows:

Pushing Daisies (ABC)

The Bionic Woman (NBC)

Now watch our take on the pilots (no major spoilers revealed)…

She Made Me Watch This: TV Roundup (August 11, 2007)

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Oh, and you may notice some slight problems with the audio in this episode (an occasional buzzing sound). Sorry about that! The good news is that we’ve finally decided to upgrade to a much better camera (and microphone), so in our next video blog, we’ll be coming at you with crystal-clear audio and video. It’ll be like watching the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in high-def, but with more lesbians and less biting! And no water. Or high-def. But otherwise, exactly the same.

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