“Venice: The Series” recap (4.6): Car Trouble


Grab your teddy bears, kids, because it’s about to get REAL on Venice: The Series. Seriously, buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy night.  Speaking of bumping, Gina is in bed with someone, and looking pretty darn gorgeous. At Casa Lani, things aren’t so rosy. Lara is drinking tequila with a splash of coffee, and it’s barely 7:30 am. She’s staring at Ani’s picture when her phone rings. It’s her agent, reminding her that she has a very important pitch meeting later that morning. Uh oh.

Lara is drinking tequila with a splash of coffee

Van is running around shirtless, probably getting ready for his new role on Pretty Little Liars. He gets a call from the murderous Sammie! He talks to her like they didn’t conspire to murder anyone. “Hey girl hey, how’s life on the lam? Waffle House much?” He warns her that Det. Brandon is hot on her trail and to keep on moving.


Lara tries to figure out how to pull a pitch from where the sun don’t shine, while blitzed on tequila. Oh Lara, first you are slipping tequila in your Folgers.  The next thing you know, you are making out with strangers and waking up in a bathroom stall in Madison, WI. Enough about me, though, because Jake the Snake is banging on the kitchen window. Doesn’t that guy know what a doorbell is? He waltzes in bearing donuts and kisses Lara right on her mouth. Goddammit Jake. Ani stumbles into the kitchen, not exactly thrilled to see Jake and his morning cruller.  He tells the women that he’d like to pay for their wedding reception, but Ani asks if they can talk about the wedding another time. Like never. After she walks away, Jake walks up behind Lara like the worst space invader ever, and tells her that he’s going to give her the wedding of her dreams. He grabs her stash, pours them both a drink, and says it will be their little secret. I have a feeling there will be more secrets to come. Ugh.


Gina’s daughter Sara and NPR Richard are taking a brisk stroll on the beach. Father/daughter bonding time comes pretty naturally to these two and NPR Richard suggests they take a road trip. Sara mentions moving to Venice, and wanting to get to know Gina before she takes off on any cross country adventures. NPR Richard tells her that it’s not going to be easy to get to know Gina, but Sara is ready to accept the challenge. By the way, I thought Sara had a girlfriend. Is she leaving her behind?


Logan, it turns out, was the one in Gina’s bed, and she is still on fire after her night with her old flame. Gina, on the other hand, is frantically pacing. She is in lingerie, however, so there you go. Gina is full of regret, especially because she can’t blame alcohol for this massive mistake.  Logan decides to gives Gina a piece of advice. She tells her to get over the hurt, move on, and grab life by the balls…er something. Gina has to admit she’s got a point. Logan asks Gina to think about “us,” then transforms into a small lizard and scurries under the door to get some coffee. Well, that didn’t happen, but you know what I mean.


Detective Brandon is in his natural habitat in this episode, the police station.  In his hot little hands, he has some surveillance footage of the night Owen was killed.

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