She Made Me Watch This: TV and Movie Roundup (July 15, 2007)


In the second segment of our video blog this week (watch
the first one on Lesbians and Ladies Rooms here
), Lori and I rate and review the movies and TV shows
we watched in the past 10 days or so, which include the new Harry Potter movie
Order of the
, Gray Matters, Puccini
for Beginners
, Girltrash, Hell’s
(Fox), Army
(Lifetime), Baldwin
(BET), Greek (ABC
Family), Entourage
(HBO), The Closer
(TNT), Standoff
(Fox), and the History Channel documentary The
Star Wars Legacy

Yes, I realize it looks like Lori and I did nothing but watch TV and movies
this week, but we’re discussing a few TV episodes from the previous week, too, and it’s not very often that a Harry Potter movie and two lesbian movies get
released around the same time. If only they would put a lesbian in
a Harry Potter movie, our life would be complete!

You’ll notice a few differences in this segment: We didn’t use captions because it would have taken WAY too long, since we covered so much
ground in this one — and as much as I like doing this vlog, I don’t want to give up
my entire Sunday for it. But we’ll still use captions whenever it makes sense (which will be often).

We’re also using this segment to introduce our new Bunny Designation
System (BDS)
, which is sort of like a rating system, but with bunnies.
It’s hard to explain, but basically … Lori likes bunnies. And it was better
than anything else we could come up with. So if you don’t like it, no chocolate
from the Easter Bunny for you this year!

She Made Me Watch This: TV and Movie Roundup (July 15, 2007)


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