I Whip My Pop Back and Forth (Ep.8)


Well, my friends, the gay marriage debate is pissing me off more than I ever could have even expected and with idiots like Bristol Palin flapping their hypocritical yaps, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be calming down any time soon.

On this episode of Whip My Pop, you get to see where the vlog’s name really came from; I talk about a new reality show featuring celebrities looking for love and willing to try out common folk (as long as they are good-looking); answer the question posed by People magazine as to whether or not reality TV is ruining marriage and participate in Butterfly Boucher’s “20 Seconds of Pure Dance” challenge.

Watch the videoof Butterfly explaining the challenge and make sure you watch it all the way through because the part with her nephew is pretty much one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on YouTube (Butter Dance excluded).

Download the challenge snippet here:



If you have any suggestions, questions or want to tell me what sweet moves I’ve got, feel free to email me, Tweet me or find me on Facebook!

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