“Venice:The Series” recap (4.1) – Lemon Pies and Lies


Ok, so are you ready for this?  Owen is eating a lemon pie…in a waiting room…in heaven. Yes, they are going there. I can’t help but feel that this is a nod to Galen Gering’s turn in Passions. For those of you who don’t know about Passions, it was a soap where a talking doll made martinis for a witch. Pretty much anything that could happen, did happen on Passions, so Owen in heaven wouldn’t be a stretch.

I’m not sold completely on this idea, but having an aunt that can communicate with spirits could come in handy for him. Back at the memorial, Guya gets a chill, and notices the pie is gone. Jamie suggests someone ate it. Owen watches Guya’s reaction from a television…in heaven. Did I mention that? Oh yeah, I did. Owen asks his angel case-worker if he’s got any options, because he’s really like to go back now. The angel tells Owen that he’s dead as a doornail, and the only options he has are to go to heaven or return to earth in different body. Owen opts for going back because Gina needs him.


There is a brief scene between Alan, the charming hotel chain owner, and Katherine Pierce, the wealthy widow. She tells him that she’s finally happy again after losing her husband and he knows that he’s got her hook, line and sinker. He excuses himself to make a “business” phone call, but instead he calls up some guy who’s doing lines of coke off his iPad.  How tech savvy of him. They are ready to implement a plan that will rob Katherine blind. There is a picture of Ani underneath the coke residue on the tweaked out guys iPad, and I’m suddenly really nervous for her.

Gina is bereft and Jamie imparts some of his kind wisdom to her. He tells her to stop pushing everyone away. Life is too short.

Ani is staring at her engagement ring in bed next to a sleeping Lara. Ani’s phone vibrates and when she sees who it is, she gets up. Lara wakes and watches her leave.


Guya and Brandon are also in bed when Guya wakes up. She calls out, thinking she’s in the presence of Katie. Then something washes over her, and she calls out to Owen. Brandon wakes and holds her close as she cries.


Ani goes downstairs to find Gina waiting for her on the deck. Ani wraps her arms around Gina, tears in both their eyes.


What did you think of the Season 4 premiere of Venice?

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