“Venice: The Series” recap (4.6): Car Trouble

Logan sits on Gina’s bed, putting her clothes back on. That damn turtleneck again! Gina tells Logan straight up that she doesn’t want to be with her. Logan doesn’t appear to be the type to take no for an answer but she leaves for the time being. When she gets outside, she calls Alan and tells him what happened. “I’m in,” she hisses, and I can’t help but wonder who doesn’t have it out for Gina in this town. She’s like the Jesse James of soaps.


Ani is clutching some boxes and whatnots on her way to Gina’s when she bumps into The Colonel.  He’s like, “Hey, new daughter-in-law,” to which Ani just tilts her head like confused puppy. The Colonel and Ani then exchange words of frustration and confusion, and he tears her a new one. He accuses Ani of playing Gina, which if we are being honest here, she totally has. Somehow, Ani is still convinced she’s all angel, and walks away utterly confused.


Jake is sitting on the couch when Lara comes out of the bedroom, ready for her meeting. She’s kind of stumbly, but he says she looks damn good. He asks if she’s OK to drive and she tells him to stop acting like his sister. Besides, she’s got a rental so whatever, man. Oh Lara, one step forward, 10 huge steps back. Jake tells her to call him for lunch, and she wants to know why he is so nice to her.  Jake gives her the dimmers and says that he and his sister have the same taste in women. At first she looks skeeved out, but then her face melts into a smile and a current of sexual tension rises up between them. SHUT IT DOWN, LARA!


Ani, who apparently doesn’t know when she’s getting the blow off, shows up at Gina’s wanting to talk. Ani could be a professional processor, if photography doesn’t work out. Gina reinforces her previous position by telling Ani that they have nothing more to talk about. Meanwhile, the camera cuts to Lara, distracted and drunkenly driving her car. She’s late and puts the pedal to the metal.

Gina tells Ani that there is nothing more to say and that none of this matters anymore. She steps out into the street to get to her car and is suddenly hit by a car. The car Lara is driving. Ani rushes to the unconscious and bleeding Gina.


Lara freaks out but continues to drive. Ani, calls 911 and covers Gina protectively with her own body as sirens sound in the distance.


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