“Venice: The Series” recap (4.12) – “I Hate Weddings”


You know what’s awkward? Seeing your fiancé kiss her ex girlfriend who you hit with your car, on your wedding day. Lara stands at the top of the stairs, an invisible arrow, plunged deep in her chest. She yells at Gina to stop it. Ani, in a brief moment of lucidity, asks Lara how long she’d been standing there. (p.s. Ani, it’s not exactly an out of the way spot. You’re macking on the main thoroughfare of the house.) An invisible tug of war begins, with Ani as the rope. Lara beckons her, promising to never leave her. Jake hisses at his sister to go with Lara. He tries to throw Gina under the bus for her night with Logan. Ani gets upset, even as Gina promises that it didn’t mean anything. That’s Ani’s issue right there. Nothing means anything to Gina. Ani walks up to Lara, and whispers, “I’m sorry” while gently touching her arm. Gina is left at the bottom of the stairs, heartbroken.


Owen tells Guya that he can’t stay for long, because those pearly gates are a callin’. Also, he has to be on set soon. He’s in a Hitchcock film. I kind of love that Owen gets to live his dream in heaven. It gave me such a lovely sense of hope. He goes to leave and Guya tells him that they need him. He kindly tells her that it’s time for the ones left living to look out for each other now. Just before he exits, he tells Guya to be strong because some heavy things are happening. “No matter what you hear, it is not your fault.”

Speaking of trouble, Det. Brandon is making his best sexy, conflicted face as Van struts down the street. Brandon pushes his almost step son into the bushes, and yells that he knows Van was there the night Owen died. Van, visibly shaken, confesses that he was but he didn’t hurt Owen. He got scared and ran, that’s all. Brandon releases his grip but promises to keep an eye on him.


Lara is crying, like you do when you see your bride-to-be with her tongue in another woman’s mouth. Jake sweeps in and spins her around like a maniac. He thanks Lara for taking Gina down, and she promises to be good to Ani. Then he kisses her. On the mouth. It’s short and not reciprocated, but he’s gleeful nonetheless.


Gina sits on the beach, forlorn and ready to give up. Owen appears to her and tells her to go back and win the girl. “I tried to make it right with everyone especially Ani, but there is such a thing as too late.” Owen doesn’t believe that and pushes her to go back and stop the wedding. Gina asks him not to go, that she’s so sick of being alone. She’s not alone though, because when she snaps out of it, her family is surrounding her. They shoo her off. Have fun storming the castle, Gina!


Ani is dressed in her wedding finery, and Jake appears to escort her down the aisle. He places a bracelet on her wrist and reassures her that she is doing the right thing. Then they have a moment of actual, genuine, brother sister tenderness. He tickles her and calls her “Marshmallow.” Awww, Jake, if you weren’t such a son of a bitch, this would be heartwarming.

Owen watches his family from heaven, and the angel approaches. It’s nearly time for Owen to have his own journey, and he watches wistfully from above.


It’s time for the wedding! Lara waits nervously at the front for Ani, her bouquet trembling in her hands. Jake and Ani soon follow and the two women face each other, ready to make a commitment. Lara promises to make Ani happy, and I’m sure Lara truly believes that. However, their blissful moment is brought to a standstill as Gina bursts through the door and up the aisle. This time, she’s got back-up. Jamie looks like he’s going to puke with relief, and Katherine chuckles that the day is full of surprises. “You’re it for me,” Gina declares. She tells Ani that she wants her to be happy, no matter what she decides, even if that isn’t with her. Then Gina makes some vows of her own, as Lara stands gobsmacked. Ani looks back and forth between her two loves, then focuses on Gina’s words. “You are most definitely my missing puzzle piece,” Gina tells her, with tears in her eyes. Ani stands speechless, as both women call out her name.


What did you think of the season finale of Venice: The Series?

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