“Venice: The Series” recap (4.11) – There Goes the Bride

Lara is doing her best to get ready and stave off a nervous breakdown when Jake comes in. He’s too busy admiring himself at first to notice that something is off. He asks Lara what’s going on, but when she starts to crack and admits that Ani is missing, he gets angry. Then he kisses her head like she’s a toddler with a scraped knee. This guy is a real piece of work.


As Guya leaves Gina’s, she offers a piece of wisdom. “Sometimes, things just work out right.” Frustrating to hear? Hell yes. Usually true? Yep. Sarah walks up before Gina gets a chance to go back inside. She asks Gina not to slam the door in her face, and Gina promises those days are over and invites her in. Gina tells her that Owen wanted her to make things right with Sarah and that’s what she intends to do. Sarah, wise beyond her years, is sweet and patient with Gina. Gina confesses that her usual M.O. is to push people away, and when Richard and baby Sarah came along, well, she didn’t know how to let them in. Sarah takes the news graciously, like a real champ. She tells Gina about Ani’s solitary slumber party outside her house, and Gina lights up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Her mood gets even better when Sarah tells her that Ani didn’t answer definitively if she was getting married or not. Then Sarah busts out the big guns, and gives Gina a reality check. She tells her mother that she can see how in love she and Ani are, and that they are both too scared to dive in and take a chance at a life together. Basically, Gina needs to get over her shit pronto, because she’s got a wedding to stop.


Back at Guya’s, she’s saging it up. Reinvigorated by her talk with Gina, she’s hoping to find a way to connect with Owen, Katie and her other links in the afterlife. Det. Brandon comes home and sweeps her up into a huge hug. She tells him how Gina saw Owen, and how she hopes that this will re-open the door for her as well. He puts on his best, “World’s Greatest Boyfriend” face and tells he that she can do it. He gets up to fix her a martini, and she forgets to mention that she had one for lunch.


At the wedding site, the guests are gathering and Jake is downing Pinot Grigio like it’s Gatorade. Alan approaches him and asks Jake why he looks so nervous. Jake tells Alan that one of the brides is still missing.


Lara puts on her cream and black suit and looks like a million bucks, at least on the outside. Jake storms in and Natasha excuses herself because she doesn’t have time for this level of crazy right now. He tells Lara that he can’t find Ani, but just as the words escape his wine soaked lips, Ani walks in. She tells Jake to give them some privacy. Lara prepares herself to be dumped on her wedding day, but Ani has something else to say. Ani lays down a set of rules: No more lying, mandatory AA meetings and becoming someone she can count on. Lara immediately agrees, even adding that she reached out to her sponsor. Sufficiently satisfied with Lara’s answer, Ani declares, “Let’s do this.”


Ani descends the stairs to get herself ready, when Jake chases her down. She tells him she doesn’t want to hear him talk, and that she will meet him at the top of the aisle. She doesn’t want him trying to change her anymore, and he smirks and runs off. Ani can’t hide her disdain for her brother as he leaves. She continues to round the stairs, and is surprised to see a beaming Gina, standing at the bottom. Waiting for her.


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