“Venice” recap (4.8): Sacred Hokey Pokey

Det. Brandon, living romance novel cover art, is rubbing his chiseled face. He (sexily, of course) pours some sugar in his coffee and plays through the surveillance footage from the night of Owen’s murder. Suddenly he notices something on the tape. Sammie wasn’t acting alone. She had help from someone. Brandon now knows who that someone was.


While this heavenly family reunion is a real blast, Gina is running out of time. She realizes that the angel is actually Teddy, Katherine’s late husband. He shares the Colonel’s distaste for Alan. He tells Gina that she has a choice, something precious that not everyone gets. Owen decides to try a new tactic; good old reverse psychology. He tells Gina that she’s right, everyone will be fine without her. Ani, Sarah, Guya, the Colonel, the whole damn lot. Gina knows what he’s doing but it does help shock her system. Owen finally admits that if Gina goes back, he gets to move on to the big, soap opera soundstage in the sky for real. Teddy the angel promises to look after Owen if Gina leaves.

At the hospital, the Colonel tells everyone they should get some shut eye, but no one wants to go. Ani busts in and insists on seeing Gina. The Colonel tells her no, but Ani gets all tough and insists. Sarah jumps up and offers to accompany her, like a Victoria chaperone on a walk through the estate gardens.


Gina makes the tough call to go back to earth. Owen tells her to stay longer when it’s actually her time. Before she leaves, Owen splits a lemon pie with her. They take tearful bites, knowing this will be the last time they see each other for quite some time. As Gina leaves, he tells her to give ‘em hell.  He also gives her a piece of heavenly gossip.  Hell isn’t real. Now walk into the light Gina.


Back in her body on earth, Gina begins to stir. Ani, Sarah, Guya and the Colonel all watch from around her bedside.

Owen is pleased with himself for convincing Gina to go back home. He truthfully wanted her to stay. The angel tells him he will finally be let in to heaven, and it’s time to get his afterlife on. Goodbye Owen. We’ll miss you.


Ani and Sarah hover over Gina as she tries to speak. She manages to tell them (or perhaps just Ani) to leave her alone. Gina is back!

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