“Venice” recap (4.8): Sacred Hokey Pokey

Logan gets out of the car and stops Ani. Ani confesses that she thinks that she’s the reason Gina got hit. Logan asks her if she loves and wants to be with Gina, and if so, when is she going to leave Lara. Ani is left speechless by Logan’s directness. Logan then delivers what is the verbal equivalent to a bitch slap. She tells Ani that she hates women like her. Women who make a mess of their lives and take everyone else down with them. Logan suggests that instead of being a whirling dervish of emotional destruction that Ani march back into the hospital and be there for Gina. Ani questions Logan’s motives and Logan casually admits she has her own reasons for wanting Gina alive. Like destroying her and stuff. As Ani walks away, Logan wonders aloud what Gina sees in Ani. Her face softens to reveal that she is actually concerned about Gina.


The angel brings Gina a big fat martini, with a little umbrella, natch. He explains that she is kind of in-between worlds at the moment. A sacred hokey pokey, if you will. Time is running out for her to decide what to do, but decisions are hard when the vodka is cold and just the right amount of dirty. Owen continues to beg her to go back, but Gina counters with the fact that no one needs her down there anyway.

Down where everyone needs Gina, Katherine and the Colonel have a little heart to heart. I feel a few sparks between these two, I’m just saying. Katherine gives the Colonel her well wishes for Gina’s recovery and they speak briefly about children and how much damn trouble they are. Katherine is mega rich and “knows” some people and offers to pull a few strings for Gina. The Colonel is grateful and as a small gift of his own, tells Katherine that her boyfriend Alan is real scumbag.


Back at Ani’s house, Jake is blessedly not around. Lara is starting to lose it however, aggressively pouring out her remaining bottles of booze, and cursing Gina’s name.

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