Valentine’s Day for the queer woman


Nobody makes flowers feel less cliche than Luce (Lena Headey) from Imagine Me & You. Whether they’re freshly picked or delivered from Whole Foods, flowers sure are special. Go with the azalea if you’d like to wish your Valentine achievement of “financial security.” If you’re feeling gutsy, try Rachel’s (Piper Perabo) favorite, the lily, which means “I dare you to love me” (just don’t run away afterward and things could go well for you).

Slow dance
Emily and Maya (Pretty Little Liars) seemed to think that slow-dancing was the most romantic thing to do on their last night together, so why not try it? (Jeez, what I wouldn’t do to slow-dance with Shay Mitchell.)

Here’s what you’ll need: enough candles to start a forest fire and a thoughtful playlist. Be sure to include “Love is the Seventh Wave” by The Duhks, “Destiny” by Zero 7 (Sia is heavenly on it) and Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” if you’re feeling nasty.

Go for a ride

What could be better than spending the 14th on a motorbike with your Valentine? Naomily sure look like they’re having fun. Don’t have a hog? How about about a bicycle built for two?

Cook dinner

Calzona, which weirdly sounds like Italian food, demonstrate how making dinner (fresh, vag-etarian, and organic, obvi) can be fun and romantic. Ooh lala.

If you’re lucky, it could even lead to this.

Bon appetit!

Dress up

Nothing says “I love you” like a good game of role-playing. Use your imagination. The sky’s the limit (but here are some examples).

Brittana from Glee as Britney and Madonna

Dana and Alice from The L Word as Captain Stubing and Julie

Just ask her

Take a page from Ashley Davies’s book and ask that special someone to be yours in a cutesy way, though we don’t encourage asking if she’d be your “stupid” Valentine, nor do we condone using numbers in place of letters.

Spell it out on her doorstep in Cheez Whiz? Write it on her hoopdie in window marker? Sing “be mine” in a brooding, heartfelt love song? Go wild.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

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