“Under the Dome” recap (1.9): Mad Madam Max


Over at the funeral home, Barbie and Sherriff Linda are putting together the pieces of this puzzle themselves. They discover the Reverend’s mini meth lab–stashed in a coffin, appropriately enough–and set out to find who supplied the Reverend with his propane. But they’re interrupted in this enterprise by Big Jim, who has the bright idea that today would be a good day to confiscate the town’s guns.

He claims the program will be strictly voluntary, providing food and propane incentives for those who surrender their firearms, and Barbie goes along with it just to see what he’s up to. And this is such a cool way to slide the gun control debate into the show. Because on the one hand: an armed and terrified populace has already cost multiple people their lives in the Dome. And on the other, there’s a very real need to have the tools of dissent against the rapidly forming “monarchy.” I’m not going to say which side I agree with, because frankly I don’t feel like getting yelled at today, but I applaud the show for bringing it up.

Big Jim’s idea is surprisingly successful, which: I can suspend my disbelief that propane is an ingredient in a new designer drug, but not that a bunch of country boys willingly give up their shotguns.

dome9.5While outside, pigs glide through the air, and the devil ice-skates out on the frozen remains of hell.

However, the one person Big Jim was really hoping to see didn’t show up to surrender his arsenal, so Jim and Barbie go to pry all fifty thousand guns out of his hands. They accomplish this mission without spilling blood, thus disarming an unstable man (good) and taking down the last obstacle to total arms dominance by Big Jim and Max (not good).

Meanwhile, Sherrif Linda investigates the propane situation and finds evidence that both Duke and Max were involved.  She hasn’t been given much to do this week, but the way her face falls when she sees her hero taking an envelope of dirty money is some priceless acting on the part of Natalie Martinez.

dome9.6No, Duke! Not in your special hat!

 Once all the guns are accounted for, Mad Madam Max makes a grand entrance, revealing that she has both romantic and business history with Barbie.

dome9.7Oh well, I guess Julia will have to become a lesbian now. 

Max holds her knowledge of both Barbie and Jim around their necks like choke collars, including the fact that Barbie killed Julia’s husband. They’ve got to go along with the plan, which, according to next week’s promo, is a Fight Club. Oh Max, I think I’m going to love hating you. Anyway, Barbie goes home and feels so conflicted he can’t even sleep with Julia(!) and Big Jim sticks all the weapons in his bunker, because of course he does.

After searching for the mini-Dome all day, Joe and Norrie find it in their own backyard. Angie comes up and is like “oh yeah, Joe totally sleep-carried this here last night. Should I have said something?” All the seizure-afflicted young folks touch the mini-Dome, which glows like never before. Next to their hands, another pair of handprints appear, leading them to believe that they need one more person to get to the egg inside. Fingers crossed it’s made of chocolate!


God, I love this show. See you next week, when hopefully Carolyn is done sitting shiva.

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