“Under the Dome” recap (1.11-12): Friends, Countrymen, Chester’s Millionaires


Angie, meanwhile, is on her way to murder Big Jim when Barbie stops her.  He explains that Julia’s life is in danger unless Angie uses her candy striper privileges to rescue her from the clinic. She’s jonesing for a smoke and Barbie has the last cigarettes in Chester’s Mill, so she agrees.

At the radio station, Big Jim and Dodee listen to the military gossiping about the town.

Major: So who’s in charge of the town these days?

Private: Our surveillance shows it’s the super charismatic bald dude.

Major: Yeah that dude is magnetic. Any chance he can help us find Barbie?

Private: Negative.  That dude killed a priest by his own hearing aid.

Major: Shit, that is fucked up.

For overhearing this, Dodee must pay with her life.  She tries to show that’s  she’s useful by telling Big Jim the location of the egg, but all that does is make her not useful.  And I guess we’re supposed to care when she dies, but Dodee was the most underdeveloped character in a show full of underdeveloped characters.

Big Jim exits, burning the radio station behind him, and sparing Chester’s Mill from more of Phil’s appalling musical taste.

dome12.9 For once, we agree.

Joe and Norrie stash the Mini-Dome over at Ben The Stoner’s house, which is actually brilliant, since a teenage boy’s room is so filthy you could hide anything there.  My only concern is that they’ll never be able to find it again.  When Big Jim and his posse arrive at the barn, Carolyn defends it fearlessly.  She knows the law and refuses to let anyone into the barn without a warrant.

dome12.10 If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. And also I will sue.

But Big Caesar has his goons drag Carolyn out of the way.  When Norrie sees this, the teenage hoodlum in her heart takes over and she goes berserk, which is sweet, but only leads to her and Joe being taken into custody.

At the hospital, Angie distracts Junior from guard duty with her wiles, but when he tastes cigarettes in her kiss, he knows Barbie, sole purveyor of nicotine, must be around.  Angie manages to sneak Julia out, but Barbie surrenders to Sheriff Julia, in an act of truly stupid martyrdom.

With Barbie, Joe, and Norrie behind bars, Big Jim tries to play them against each other.  Joe nearly caves, but Norrie continues to be a badass and attempts to stab Big Jim. Her aim, tragically, is not as good as her intentions.  With Carolyn waiting outside, Jim has no choice but to release them, but at least hopes that they will lead him to the egg.

Jim next goes to Barbie, and threatens to kill both the kids and Julia unless he confesses to all the murder charges.  When Big Jim drags him in front of the town to make his public confession, Barbie surprises everyone by pleading not guilty.

 dome12.11Remind me again how things worked out for Brutus?

Unhappy with this convoluted plot, the Mini-Dome begins to shriek, which draws the attention of Carolyn, Norrie, Joe, and Sherriff Linda.  God only knows what that’s about, but I hope it means that the damn butterfly is going to hatch already.

dome12.12 This egg is for medicinal purposes, Sheriff Linda.

So on next week’s season finale, here’s hoping we meet the Monarch.

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