“Fashion Star” Recap: Highs and Lows (Episode 4)


This week on Fashion Star, Kara Laricks continued to make things I want to own. Saks Fifth Avenue scooped up her tailcoat jacket, which is one of two looks she created for the challenge of one high-end piece and one low-end counterpart. (Saks, of course, has the high-end.)

Host Elle Macphaerson reminded Kara that she’s sold over $200,000 worth of designs in the last three weeks, and the designer couldn’t look more proud. Mentor John Varvatos praised her and the bidding war between Saks and Macy’s pushed this week’s bid up by $20,000. Right now, Kara’s the one to beat, but I hope no one does.

The bane of my existence, Barbara, scored her own win this week with her “vwest” creation (a vest and a dress). Macy’s bought the dresses for $50,000, saving her for another week. It is the most wearable thing she’s created so far, that’s for sure.

I didn’t think Luciana‘s beaded high-waist dress was all that, but Saks disagreed with me.

H&M scooped up some looks from Sarah again, although they obviously didn’t find much of a difference between her low and high-end dresses. They are both under $40 from the retailer. Sarah bemoans Saks and Macy’s never want her stuff, but she really does seem to have the H&M aesthetic. That is not a terrible thing — I’d wear that red dress.

H&M also bought Nikki’s colorful ’70s-esque maxi dress, which I would have loved as a mini, but can see the appeal of in its current form. It’s a gorgeous print.

Here’s who didn’t do so hot: Ross, with his “Scarlett O’Hara” strapless, though he thought it was the best darn dress he’d ever seen. Nicole Richie was like “No,” but Jessica Simpson said she’d wear it. Ross said that’s what he was going for, so I guess he’s working that Southern belle angle for good.

Edmond‘s gladiator dress did not impress anyone and Orli‘s pants were just too different from one another for the judges to appreciate what she was going for. They would have preferred two versions of the draw-string pant, which were innovative, but I can’t imagine actually wearing, especially to practical places like anywhere with an escalator where those belts and strings could get caught.

Ronnie and Lisa both had good efforts but didn’t get any buys. The mentors liked the color blocking and the teal of Ronnie’s dresses, but the execution wasn’t there. (I agree.) Both Jessica and Nicole said they loved the Rosemary Baby‘s ish look of Lisa’s yellow raincoat, but the buyers said no one would wear a yellow trench.

I would at least try it on! It would be cute for spring. Nzimiro‘s men’s coats didn’t excite anyone, so while I thought Nzimiro would be the one to go, Lisa ultimately got the boot. The mentors said they just didn’t see her making it through to the end as the ultimate “Fashion Star.”

Do you think Kara’s destined to be that Fashion Star? Sure looks like she’s heading that way.

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