7 reasons we keep coming back to “Glee”

Naya Rivera’s ascent to her rightful throne

Glee cast Naya Rivera to stand behind Quinn and dance and say rude things sometimes, but the more Naya the show gave to the audience, the more Naya the audience wanted. Not only is she perfect at spitting out the mouthful of zingers the writers give her; she owned the pathos of the show’s second season. The way she inhabited Santana, the way she gave herself over to the emotional turmoil of her sexual journey: she grounded the show with shocking gravitas. Oh, and guess what else: She can out-sing even Lea Michele. (You heard me!)

That one joke that always lands

Glee may pull some wackadoodle shenanigans, but when they give the right joke to the right actor, it’s some of the funniest stuff on TV. Brittany’s Lord Tubbington high jinks are some of my all-time favorites.


Yeah, that’s right: You guys make me LOL. Actually, you make me LOLOLOLOLOL. My favorite part about recapping Pretty Little Liars is reading the #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets, and my favorite part about watching Glee is reading the #GaySharks tweets. AfterEllen.com readers are the best and the silliest and the most fun. I like to laugh when you laugh, and I like to punch my TV in the face when you punch your TV in the face. (Thanks almost exclusively to Will Schuester.)

Dianna Agron’s face

Just … yeah. You feel me.

How excited are you for Glee to return?

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