Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.19) – Blue Ribbon Panel


How can The Good Wife get better week after week? Who are these writers that continually find new ways to get us involved in the lives of these characters? Fair warning: If I ever meet you, Robert & Michelle King, I will not shake your hand; I will hug you. Outstanding writing — that yields outstanding performances.


Kalana fans got their wish this week, as Lana Delaney (Jill Flint) strolled back into Kalinda’s life. Her wooing skills need some work, though. We learn that Lana is behind the IRS investigation of Kalinda. Why? As she tells Alicia, “Sometimes I just get an itch.” I bet you do, Lana. And we can see exactly where you want it scratched.

I know by the tweets that some of you weren’t pleased at Lana’s storyline. But we got at least two big benefits (besides the two already mentioned) from her sneakiness. First, we saw Alicia being absolutely badass in her defense of Kalinda. Especially when she found out that a meeting with the IRS was just a pretense for the sake of a video observer. Only Alicia could tell off a laptop with such ferocity.

Kalinda liked it, too. A lot. 

Second, we got to see Kalinda refuse to play Lana’s game. 

Oh, Kalinda, you’re hot even when you’re rebuffing a woman.


Ah, the contentment we feel when Kalicia is on. Their relationship is different, but little-by-little the ice is melting. Kalinda is learning to be open with Alicia; Alicia is learning to trust Kalinda. 

But most of our feelings this episode were various degrees of anger. And most originated in this very room.

Alicia was assigned to a “blue ribbon panel” investigating a police shooting — because the panel needed a woman. But the men didn’t count on Alicia asking questions instead of rubberstamping the boys’ club opinion. Every time one of the men sighed or gave Alicia a dirty look for trying to get to the truth, I felt it. I’m sure every woman who’s ever been in a meeting with a bunch of men did, too. Misogynistic jerks. 

Alicia relived a lot of her feelings about her former home again this week as she wrote a letter to the sellers to tell them what the house meant to her. By the time she worked through her thoughts, I actually wanted her to get the house. But another buyer outbid her. Another Florrick. After all of the condescending male antics in the episode, Alicia was livid that Peter would do such a thing. Except Peter wasn’t the Florrick who bought the house.

Tsk-tsk, Jackie. You picked the wrong time to frak with Alicia. And we can’t wait to see what happens.


Did we mention that Jill Flint returned as Lana?

The other notable guest was Matthew Perry as panel chairman Mike Kresteva.

Could he be any more patronizing?

One Life to Live‘s Cady Huffman returned as perky Realtor Marina and the wonderful Charles S. Dutton appeared at Pastor Yarrow, “the black” on the panel. 


When Alicia realized Jackie bought the house, she spun away from Peter to leave. “Where are you going?” he asked. “To get a gun.” I have a feeling that by the time Alicia gets through blasting her, Jackie will wish it were with a gun.

Diane and Will finally found a way to silence the bickering among the partners on who would be the “name” to take Will’s place. Senior citizen partner Howard Lyman (Jerry Adler) got the vote. But Lockhart & Associates may face other problems from the FBI and IRS. And Perry will be back as slimeball Kresteva — probably to make trouble for Peter’s campaign. 

What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Do you think Lana will back off now or will she make more trouble for Kalinda? Will Alicia punch Jackie in the throat at last?

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