Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.17) — Curse


“You and me are stronger than dark magic.” We all know what that means: “You and me are about to get our asses whipped by dark magic.” 


Kids, pay attention. Boy/girl sex makes birds die. Even if the coupling is written in the stars. Especially if the coupling is written in the stars. Yep, Adam and Cassie did it. And the fine-feathered friends of Chance Harbor paid the price in their precious little birdie blood. Psychologists call it Heterosexual Bird Death. 

I know that isn’t in our handbook, but it happened on the CW so it must be true. Stick with girls, my friends. Or kill hundreds of birds with two stones. 

We didn’t get any actual ship fuel this episode, but Faye and Melissa used the ever-popular “Open” spell to help Diana flash a cop. It didn’t work on the cop, but it sure worked on me.


In addition to the fowl play resulting from Adam and Cassie “coming together” (yes, they said that), they caused some hurt feelings and tension in other parts of the circle. Diana was shocked and hurt and I think she threw up a little in her mouth. Wait – that was me.

Plus, they activated a curse that, according to Cassie’s mind-muddled grams Jane, will kill someone else in the Circle. For most of the episode, Lee seemed to be the one dying. But we all know the CW would never kill off someone who requires so little wardrobe. 

The only way to break the curse, according to Cassie’s dad, was with an elixir that actually removed feelings — Cassie and Adam’s for each other, to be exact. And it halfway worked. Unfortunately for Cassie, the half was Adam’s while she felt all the feelings an avian murderer could muster. 


Faye spent most of the episode freaked out by Lee’s recently resurrected killer girlfriend who has her power. With good reason. 

But she still had time to be Faye.

On Lee leaving town so he could think about his feelings: “Since when does Lee think?”

On her suspicions of Eva: “She’s hiding something behind those dull eyes and creepy voice.”

On the “coming together”: “You two finally graduated from hand holding and smooching. Congrats.”

On the curse: “It’s just a story your great greats told their kids so they wouldn’t have sex – abstinence education at work.”


Since John Blackwell has been back in Chance Harbor, he’s done his best to prove that he’s not a bad guy anymore. He’s been fatherly with Cassie, encouraging of Melissa, wise in his dealings with the Circle. He found the spell that would break the Blake/Conant curse. People can change, right?

Maybe. But John Blackwell is not all he seems. We learn in the last moments, when Dawn confronts him, that she knows that no curse exists. John killed the birds and put a spell on Jane so she’d tell Cassie of the curse and he’d be able to separate Cassie and Adam. But why? According to John, Ethan and Amelia’s love was so important to them that they abandoned the Circle the day of the fire, leaving them defenseless against the witch hunters. And that’s why half of the parental circle died. 

True? We’ll see. What do you think? Is Blackwell telling the truth? Will the birds come after him in revenge? Which parent is helping the witch hunters? 

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