Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.19) — “And the Spring Break”


Max and Caroline are having trouble growing their cupcake business. So to cheer themselves up they take a gaycation. What’s that, you say? It’s when two broke city gals apartment sit for a couple of gay guys. Sure, Max takes some convincing because she’d rather be working at the steel mill and singing Bruce Springsteen songs. But even she comes around and realizes that the gay life is the good life. And it can even be good for business because nobody likes the gays more than snooty food bloggers. And as we all know, once you’ve made it on the internet you’re set for life. Ahem.


Do you like girls in bikinis? Like I need to ask. For those of you (read: all of you) into that thing, feast your eyes on Caroline wearing her “spring break vacation” bikini. You’re welcome, lesbians.


The Broke Girls walked an interesting and very fine line of both trying to dispel stereotypes about gay men while simultaneously wallowing in them. Caroline keeps telling Max to be more open-minded about their gay couple customer friends Stephen and Michael. First of all, that they’re called Stephen and Michael instead of Steve and Mike is pretty damn gay – but I digress. Caroline tells Max, “It’s not very PC to reduce people to stereotypes.”

Of course then the show proceeds to introduce us to Stephen and Michael’s fancy apartment with its portraits of half-naked men and alarm code that reads “Liza” and poodle in a tutu named Barbra Streisand and portable saunas. Or, as Max puts it, “This place is amazing. It’s like the cover of Gay Gay Gay magazine.”


This week our gals didn’t fall in bed or ride a horse together or anything. But Caroline did use her feminine wiles to convince Max to go to a Food Network party. And by feminine wiles I mean she shimmies her body and whines, “Ashley wants to go. Ashley really wants to go.” Oh, right, Caroline is also calling herself “Ashley.” Just go with it.


Seriously, what was up with the gay jokes this episode? It’s like I’m harping, but I’m really not. Stephen and Michael ask Han if he’s on the down low because they have a friend who is a big-time rice queen. Upon learning this, Max says “That’s a step up. Usually people think he’s a lesbian.” I’m going to take that in the spirit with which it was intended – whatever that is.

My favorite recurring gags from this episode were Oleg and Sophie doing it in increasingly inappropriate places and Max carrying around Barbra Streisand and saying to everyone, “I bring my tiny dog everywhere. So what.” But my favorite line from this episode was Max, naturally, saying “It’s life, lower your expectations.” Ain’t that the truth, sister.

So, what did you think of Max and Caroline’s gaycation? Also has anyone ever tried one of those portable saunas? Now I’m curious.

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