The 7 most cringe-worthy moments on “Glee”


We’re more than halfway through Glee‘s seven-week hiatus, which is a pretty significant place on our on-a-break timeline, scientifically speaking. It’s right around this time when you’re taking some space from your girlfriend that you start to forget that she hates your friends, refuses to compromise, and pouts for days when she doesn’t get her way. All you know is you miss her warm embrace. So it’s my responsibility to remind you that even though she’s cute, your girlfriend is not without her liabilities. (In this analogy, Glee is your girlfriend and I am your therapist.)

I’m mostly joking. But no series of Glee lists would be complete without a look at the WOMP-WOMPs, so today we’re counting down the show’s seven most cringe-worthy moments.

New Directions steals from the deaf.

Glee is nothing if not patronizing when it comes to minorities, but when the glee kids started feeling so sorry for Haverbrook Deaf Choir’s hand-signed performance that they rushed onto stage to sing for them, it was just beyond the pale. Learn to share the stage, you spotlight whores!

Will Schuester sings the “Thong Song.”

Every time Will raps, God kills a baby dolphin. (Hate crime!) It is a wonder he didn’t flood the earth again when Will started gyrating around to Sisqo’s “Thong Song.” I think Will was trying to prove the point that the song was inappropriate for a wedding, but what he really did was prove the point that he needs to be muzzled.

Terri buys a baby bump.

I was like twelve years old watching Days Of Our Lives the first time I saw a fake pregnancy story. By that point in my daytime TV watching career, I’d seen a woman get buried alive while her archnemesis piped her own voice into the casket, a man come back from the dead at least eleven times, and another woman get possessed by the actual devil. But the fake baby storyline was just too over the top. Imagine my shock when the same storyline showed up 20 years later on the most popular show on primetime TV. I couldn’t believe I was being subjected to such a thing when I was a child; as an adult, it just enraged me.

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