“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: “Not Ready to Make Nice, Part 1”



This week gave us a nice, healthy dose of Fiona/Imogen! After last fall’s Hurricane Imogen, it’s refreshing to see her so calm and at peace with everything around her. And it doesn’t hurt that she and Fiona are precious together.


Brought together around a class project, Fiona and Imogen chat as they work on the assignment, discovering that they both moved around a lot when younger. “Lucky the universe brought us together then,” Imogen quips. “We must be soulmates.”

Which, obviously, is Fiona’s cue to change topics. She asks why Eli and Imogen aren’t dating already, but Imogen sighs that she never knows what Eli is thinking. And anyway, Imogen says she strapped her feelings for Eli to a rocket and sent them to the moon.

I know someone else whose romantic feelings currently reside somewhere over the moon.


When Fiona’s mom arrives home, Fiona gushes to her about how brilliant, fun, and hilarious Imogen is. Then, with only slight prodding from her mother, Fiona heaves a sigh and admits to a crush on Imogen. No surprise there – her mother had already gathered that this pope was Catholic.

After Holly J, however, Fiona refuses to crush on another straight girl, and resolves to send her feelings for Imogen to the moon. Fiona, honey, have you looked for them recently? Because I think they may already have arrived at your desired destination.

Regardless, she resolves to set up Imogen and Eli, because the most surefire way to avoid romantic entanglement with someone you like is to insert yourself into her dating life, of course!


Fiona corners Eli at the Dot to ask why he has feet of clay around Imogen when it’s clear he has feelings for her, and he admits that he doesn’t think he has another shot with Imogen because he’s hurt her in the past.

When Fiona tells him to leave it to her, Eli doesn’t call her out on the reasons for her sudden interest in matchmaking. If the searching look he gives her is any indication, though, I doubt he’ll be too surprised when the truth comes out. So to speak, that is.

It was great to see these three characters interacting again this week, and I loved seeing Fiona and Eli’s on-screen dynamic once more.

All in all, the plot line can be summed up in three words: Fiona is smitten. And I pretty much am, too – how about you all?

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