“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.17): “One Step Too Far”


Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “One Step Too Far,” should have been called “Flirt City” since the entire cast was laying it on thick to one another.

AfterEllen Bait

Debbie “5. 6. 7. 8.” Allen is back as Avery’s controlling (and fabulous) mother, Catherine Avery. Summer Glau returns to bat her eyes and laugh at all of Owen’s jokes (Owen is not funny) and a gay couple is featured in a very heartbreaking storyline .

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

Cristina is determined to catch Owen having an affair with Nurse Emily (Glau) but, alas, even after all her snooping she comes up empty-handed.

Nurse Emily asks, “Doctor Yang can I do anything?” Cristina whips around (Willow Smith-style), and replies “Can you stop screwing my husband?”

Emily admits to flirting with Owen (and everyone else at the hospital) but she has a boyfriend and she’s not interested in Cristina’s husband. 

Now that their personal issues are taken care of, Cristina and Emily work with a man named Sam and his brain-dead husband who suffered injuries from a car accident. Sam is devastated about losing his spouse and torn about taking his love off of life support. After much persuasion, Cristina finally convinces Sam that there was nothing left they could possibly do to help his husband. Sam agrees to take his husband off his ventilator.

Whores & Gore

Derek and Meredith are taking in a bubble bath as they discuss the possibility of Meredith switching back to neurology. (I think couple’s baths/showers are creepy. They don’t even get you clean! In fact, I bet in most cases the couple leaves the bathroom dirtier then when they went in. Gross.)

Catherine arrives at Seattle Grace with her a star urology pupil Dr. Mara Keaton in tow. It seems as though Catherine is playing matchmaker for her son, but really she has sent Mara to spy on Avery and get all the dirt on his life. In the end, Mara and Avery team up and tell Catherine to back off (in a nice way) and to celebrate their triumph, they get it on in the on-call room. (Someone needs to sterilize that room and burn those bed sheets.)

Catherine is too busy flirting it up with Richard to notice that her son is getting some action a few rooms away. She invites Richard to a black-tie benefit, but once Bailey calls him out on Catherine’s intentions Richard tells Catherine he can’t go to the event after all and heads to the nursing home to visit Adele.

New mom and Alex’s intern Morgan is tending to her ailing premie, Tommy, while batting her eyes at Alex. (Alex does have a history that includes marrying a co-worker and dating a patient.) Callie insists and teases that they are “hooking up” while Cristina and Meredith remind him of his failed relationship with Ava/Rebecca. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Cristina waits up for Owen to get home and reveals that she confronted Emily about the affair.

Owen: I love you so much that it hurts.

Owen then clarifies, “It hurts to love you.”

Cristina: Say it.

Owen: I’m not cheating on you with Emily. But I did cheat on you.

Wait, what? With whom? I didn’t see this coming, did you?

Medical Mishaps

Debbie Allen is so funny that she makes her bladder patient pee her pants. They all laugh, but I don’t find it to be funny at all. I’m worried about the poor intern who’s going to have to remake the bed.

Meredith teams up with Derek and Lexie for a neuro surgery to drain a cyst in a woman’s temporal lobe. Derek steps away and, while he’s gone, the Grey sisters decide to also remove a benign tumor inside the patient’s brain. It’s a decision they will soon regret. Derek scolds the Greys for not getting the patient’s consent for the procedure. Removing the tumor caused the patient to lose all speaking ability. Derek explains that after intense physical therapy she might regain partial speech functionality. And that’s a might.

The patient’s parents scream and threaten to sue the hospital. Derek takes the fall, and for the rest of the episode he can’t even look at Lexie or Meredith. Maybe Meredith rejoining neuro wasn’t a good idea after all.

What did you think of this episode? Should Richard feel guilty for flirting with Debbie Allen? Who do you think Owen had an affair with?

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