“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.09): You can’t fight fae-te


So it’s La Shoshain Day, a bit like Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s Day and prom night all rolled in one for the Fae. It’s the day the Light and Dark are allowed to associate and celebrate and fornicate together. And Bo and Kenzi walk right into the middle of it, quite literally. But before too much merriment can happen, and definitely before any horizontal merriment can happen, a banshee wails and the party’s over – quite literally for one unlucky Fae fella. The banshee’s wail signals impending death for nice Light Fae guy Sean. Which leads Bo and Kenzi on a mission to help him complete his bucket list. And make peace with his Dark Fae brother – or very literally die trying.


So Bo is kinda pissed. Pissed at Lauren. Pissed at Dyson. Pissed at the Fae. Quite possibly pissed at the air, considering the slicing and dicing she is doing of it with her pre-dawn sword-fighting calisthenics. But bad mood Bo is good mood us because it means her in a tank top wielding a sword. Carry on, cruel world. We’re sorry you makes Bo cranky, but we sure do like the results.


Well, there’s no Lauren this episode. Which is just cruel. Because after last week my feelings are predominantly feelings about whether Bo and Lauren will address the all-caps FEELINGS from their sleeping together and the subsequent revelations those FEELINGS have had on their relationships.

In much lesser feelings news, the show is starting to make its claim of Dyson’s feelings for Bo. He tells Trick he doesn’t want to lie to her. He tells Trick she should know the truth. But, please take note, he does not tell Bo the truth and continues the lies he told earlier that nothing is known about her birth mother. So it’s an actions speak louder than words situation for our wolf boy in my eyes.

But, the even bigger storyline this week is the revelation that our friendly neighborhood bartender/keeper of the Shire Trick is really The Blood King. We don’t know exactly what that means yet, but apparently he wrote all the Fae laws and his blood is important. All hail the best bar keep ever.


Things were pretty low on the sexy scale this week. Well, except for the first minute with that sword. But Bo did get to use her magic touch on the jerk brother of the poor doomed Sean. So, um, there’s that.


Bo’s badassery this week had less to do with kicking ass and more to do with taking the moral high ground. OK, she did have to fight a goblin. But that’s what we’ve always liked about Our Lady of the Sucky Face, she’s a genuinely good person despite the monster she thought she was all growing up. So she’s willing to possibly sacrifice her own life by invoking “agallamh,” or a forced peace between warring parties. Giving your life for peace? That’s pretty badass. (p.s. It was super fun trying to figure out the spellings of all the Fae words this week. At least “goblin” was easy.) And the other thing that makes Bo a good person is the good people around her, particularly Kenzi, who not only helps her broker the peace (turns out it was the brother’s jerk dad who caused the rift all along by stealing his own money to cover his gambling debts and letting the younger brother take the blame) and giving Sean a last day to remember. Oh, Kenzi – you really are a sweetheart under all that black eyeliner.


“Dude, argh, when does the lame-o-go-round stop? I need to get off before I puke.”


Like I was saying earlier, yum.

I know, I know – an episode without Lauren is like a day without sunshine. But, otherwise, what did you think? I know, I know – you miss Lauren.

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