Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.16) — After the Fall


The Good Wife returned with a disturbing case about a documentary on “Suicide Bridge,” which was billed by its producers as an anti-suicide film. Except they made the setting look so beautiful and romantic that they were accused of actually encouraging suicide. I’m not sure if the story was based on a real incident or dreamed up by the writers — either case is creepy.


After all this time, you’d think the writers could throw a little subtext our way. Nope. But we’re happy to give you a little something to help you create your own girl/girl storyline in the privacy of your own home.

Oh, Kalinda. May fashion never fail to provide new leather designs for you to rock. And speaking of geology, how hard does Alicia rock this purple suit? 

Not that we’re surprised that purple is her color.


This episode of The Good Wife could easily have been called “Good Wife Bitches.” And I mean that in a totally gender neutral way. The men were every bit as bitchy in their conniving as the women. I confess that the particulars of corporate politics are beyond my ken under the calmest of circumstances. But even master of the craft Diane seemed dazed by all of the jostling for position in the wake of Will’s suspension. (Yes, that’s a picture of her and Hillary. Awesome.)

Meanwhile, Alicia may have to jostle a bit to keep the strong footing she already has at the firm, thanks to Caitlin taking full advantage of the opportunity to shine in court. Even though Alicia is the one who gave her the chance — and did so deliberately because she knew that Caitlin could use her looks to win the judge’s favor — we still shudder a bit to think of where this storyline is going. 

Will and Kalinda have moved from partners in crime to genuine friends. They have a comfortable caring with each other that they don’t show with anyone else – I think their relationship is one of the best stories on the show. 


I’m beginning to think The Good Wife set has a guest book at the door for people to sign in; I’m not sure how else they could keep track. 

Mamie Gummer returned as attorney Nancy Crozier, whose ability to charm judges met its match in Caitlin. Ms. Crozier was not amused — and I suspect we’ve not seen the last of her.

Will’s sisters rushed to his side to provide that special kind of annoyance than only siblings can give. Nurse Jackie’s Merritt Wever played Aubrey, who is convinced that Will forsook his true calling as a musician when he went to law school.

The Big C‘s Nadia Dajani played Sara, who stepped in to try to find Will a new job and love interest, not necessarily in that order. I hope the Gardner sisters stick around long enough to spend more time with Kalinda. Her discomfort is comedy gold.

Also on the scene was Christian Camargo, best known as Dexter’s serial killer brother Rudy, whom we’ll never forgive for screwing with Deb’s heart. And Donna Brazile appeared as herself, in town to talk to Peter about giving the keynote at the Democratic National Convention. 

Wait. Peter is a Democrat? 


Meet Cary’s worst nightmare.

Geneva Pine (Renee Goldsberry) is not a new face at the State Attorney’s office, but her expression certainly is. Last episode, Geneva minced no words about her disagreement with how the grand jury case was handled. This week, she learned that her job was being shifted to make room for someone Peter needed as a political ally. She will not go gently into that good night, trust me.

As Peter’s campaign gears up, Alicia will have to decide whether to go through with the divorce or not. She seems willing to pretend all is well with them for now, but whether she will again put aside her own best interests for the sake of Peter’s career remains to be seen. 

What did you think of this week’s The Good Wife? Is Lockhart and Associates on the verge of mutiny? 

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