“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” SnapCap (22.06) – The Only People With Balls Have None


Wow, I am really sad about last night’s episode of The Challenge. There are the obvious reasons (the outcome) and the less obvious reasons (Ty‘s shirt).

Is he wearing a baby-T? Where are his friends to tell him this is not a good look?

Other reasons for being sad: Agreeing with C.T. when it came to his argument with Diem and the fact that Dunbar compares a guy thinking with his wang to a girl thinking with her ovaries. Somebody please give this guy a book or something. He doesn’t seem like a bad dude, just really ill-informed.

The whole C.T./Diem thing has bothered me from the beginning. It’s been obvious that she isn’t over him, he’s not over her but they have two very different opinions of what went wrong in their relationship. Diem keeps talking about it as though they were living in a fairytale but never apologizes for breaking things off. C.T. exploded because enough is enough already and her reliving their glory days wasn’t getting any cuter as time went on. Speaking of things that don’t get cute as time goes on, there is no need to be wearing sunglasses once the sun has gone down.


The biggest “bagger “in the house this week ended up being Paula. We have always known about her boyfriend back at home and she reminded us over and over again that she and Ty had a friendly flirtation that wouldn’t go anywhere bad. In fact, last week she told us we could quote her on it.

This week, Ty seemed to be on a one-man mission to get into Paula’s panties. When the group went out to let off some steam, Ty started the night off by giving Paula what appeared to be a private Thunder from Down Under show.

Once again, Johnny decided to play the lead creep in orchestrating a Paula/Ty hook-up. Tequila shots started flowing and even Paula admitted that there was now a group of people playing an active role in, for lack of better words, making her cheat.

By the time they got back to the house, Paula and Ty started going at it like they were auditioning to be in Usher‘s “Trading Places” video. I pretty much brrrrrfed when he started biting her ear.

Taking things to the peak of Least Sexy Mountain, the two brought it back to Ty’s top bunk bed which made up for its lack of sheets with the presence of extra people in the room. Seriously, who does that? It’s gross.


Unfortunately there was a drought when it came to the ass-kicking. Rachel and Aneesa seemed to be on the same page early-on and realized they were the only ones “with the balls, without the balls” to try to stand up to Johnny and Camila. Of course, it’s easier said than done and by the second round of this week’s challenge, any planning the dream team had done was lubed up and slip ‘n slided down into the mud pit.

The ladies had originally planned on knocking Camila out of the competition so that she and Johnny didn’t have the opportunity to take the power couple status once again. I’m not sure how it was for everyone there, but from what I could see, it was kind of a shit-show and I’m not sure I would’ve been able to tell one lubed up spandexed body from another so when Rachel panicked and grabbed the closest ball to take to the finish line, I wasn’t too surprised. Of course, this meant Aneesa was left to fend for herself and she seemed to stop in her tracks in confusion. She made an effort to steal the ball from Robin, but didn’t succeed. They weren’t the worst participants but their hopes of being the power couple went bye-bye.


There was more gross making out in my face this week than there was eye-candy. Of course, Emily is still there & there were a few instances when Rachel was on camera when I had an Uncle Jesse “Have mercy” moment.

I just found out from a friend last week that the boys over at AfterElton are reading this too! I apologize for the lack of mankini pictures up to this point. Here are a few to make up for it.


The craziest part of this challenge was having all those people lubed up in spandex and not having anything accidentally pop out. I was hoping for more of a Wipeout situation and I’m sure the producers were too. Ah, well, we can’t have it all.

Johnny is a freak of nature and was somehow able to scale the slippery mat with no problems whatsoever. In the end, he and Camila became the power couple once again. Paula and Dunbar were the worst of the worst so they were automatically sent to The Dome.

Since Johnny and Camila had to choose another couple to face Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dunbar, they pounced on the chance to put Rachel and Aneesa back in to fight for their spot in the game.

In the end, Dunbar & Paula were the night’s winners and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say I’m the biggest loser in this situation because my gays are gone.

What did you think of the episode last night? Are you all as creeped out by Johnny’s insistence that Ty knock boots with Paula as I am? I’m kind of torn about who to even root for now.

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