Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.14) — Contempt of Court



Best The Good Wife episode of the season. And it’s a good thing, because we’re not getting another one until February 19.


The side ponytail of evil, aka Dana, finally got a taste of Kalinda Sharma justice. She asks Kalinda to get her even more inside information, this time implying that Alicia will be prosecuted otherwise. Kalinda agrees, of course, because of BFF love.

Then, during Will’s testimony before the grand jury, Wendy Scott-Carr presents copies of incriminating emails between Will and Judge Parks. The emails, however, had been changed — and Will conveniently has the originals. Oops. Apparently, Kalinda slightly revised the copies before she gave them to Dana. 

Dana Lodge, you’ve been served.

Kalinda is waiting outside the courtroom — and somehow she keeps herself from laughing when she sees Dana. “Hit me,” Kalinda says. “It’ll make you feel better.” And like the bitch Dana is, she does exactly that. 

Very classy.

The Eli Gold subplot of the week involved Chicago’s Gay & Lesbian Alliance, which called him in to pitch handling their campaign against the Defense of Marriage Act.  

I’m actually less interested in Eli than in getting a better look at the butch girl who walked by while he was on the phone. But I digress. Eli is ticked off because Alicia sent Caitlin to the meeting instead of coming herself. According to the “gay blogosphere,” Elil says, Alicia is “one of those spurned wives whose suffering has made her iconic.” I would wager that the more likely reason is that she is drop-dead gorgeous and wears killer clothes, but we’ll assume Alan Cumming didn’t have input into the script.


I have so many feelings that I’m not sure where to start. Alicia finally learns that Will is likely to be indicted and realizes that she may have something to do with the state attorney’s office pursuing the case. Finally, she confronts Peter. Is the issue that she and Will slept together? “Of course that’s the issue!” Peter yells. 

Their argument is so pointed, so angry, so real, that it made me a little sick. This is how real-life exes fight. And it hurts.

One of the most emotional scenes of the season came when Alicia testifies before the grand jury. WSC forces Alicia to admit that she had a sexual relationship with Will — and then implies that Alicia was put on the partner track because of the affair. Even Cary thinks WSC’s gone too far and tells her the questions are inappropriate. (I kind of loved Cary this week.) But WSC is in full-on she-devil mode and is not about to stop. But Alicia isn’t having it. She gets up to leave. “You’re out of control,” she tells Wendy. WSC threatens her with contempt. Alicia says, “Fine. Arrest me.”

Alicia is a wreck, knowing that if Will is indicted the testimony will go public. She rushes home to talk to the kids, while every member of The Good Wife fandom calls for Wendy Scott-Carr’s head. Of course, our hatred for WSC is what makes us love the grand jury for calling her methods into question. Chicago grand juries may “indict a ham sandwich,” but they also can detect a swine attorney when they see one.


Judging by the way Peter told WSC, “Get out of my office,” we might not be seeing Anika Noni Rose again. I hope. Carrie Preston‘s Elsbeth, on the other hand, is someone I want to see every week. Who else wants Law & Disorder: Elsbeth Tascioni? Somebody call Steven Bochco.

Amy Sedaris returns as Stacie Hall, who pitches the GLAC account against Eli — and ends up sleeping with him. No offense to either actor, but I’ve never seen two people with less chemistry. Slash fail. 


Nothing makes for a happier ending than Will and Diane dancing to celebrate a victory.

Unless it’s Kalinda calling Alicia to share the good news that the grand jury didn’t indict a ham sandwich — and asking her to come join the party. 

However, hell hath no fury like Wendy Scott-Carr scorned, and she is taking Will’s case to the bar association. At least we can look forward to seeing Kalinda save the day again.

What did you think of this episode of The Good Wife? Do you think WSC will ride into the sunset or come back with a vengeance? Is anybody else kind of shipping Will and Diane?

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