“Lost Girl” Rewind SnapCap (1.02): If a Fae falls in the forest…


Now that she knows she is Fae, Bo is settling into life amid the supernatural freaky, sorta. At the very least she’s trying to make a happy house with sidekick extraordinaire Kenzi. Man, do we love Kenzi. I feel like I don’t get to write about her enough because I have/want/need to write about the Doccubus hotness. But without Kenzi, this is just a serious show with a hot lady who can’t decide whether she wants the hot doctor or the hot wolf. Fine, mild hyperbole, but close.


This show already has so much pretty without even trying – Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo. This episode ads sword fighting (well, mop v. sword), flirting over injections (not like that, you’re so dirty) and well-timed BFF cockblocks (one for each sex, actually).


You have to enjoy a show that builds its Fae of the Week around an elaborate fart joke. The not so wispy Will O’ the Wisp that shows up seeking the gals’ help is a nice touch of whimsy. So are his bright green fire farts. This episode helped air out (oh no, now I can’t stop making fart jokes) more of the Fae mythology – namely how humans and Fae together are considered a big no no. We also find out that Bo started her life running through the woods in the arms of a scared midwife.


If the pilot’s hand-on approach to showing the instant chemistry between Bo and Lauren wasn’t enough, this week Lauren gets to poke her – with a needle, fine. That instant attraction the two felt wasn’t just Bo’s super succubus sexy powers, but something else – something more. Also, we get our first chance to drool at Zoie’s magnificent hair porn. Mmmm, hair porn.

p.s. No, we won’t mention how Bo starts using Dyson as her sexual healing booty call boy toy this episode. But, yes, it happens. 


Remember when I was talking about Kenzi earlier, well, there’s another reason she is so important to the show. Like with that other great supernatural series about a young woman with special powers intent on saving the world, what helps make Bo special is her friends. The lone wolf thing (no offense to Dyson, much) is cool and all. But shows like Lost Girl and Buffy triumph because they show how a strong social circle helps even superheroes be more super. So this week the Badass Badassery award goes to Kenzi for jumping in when it mattered most and using her head – well, someone’s head.

KENZISM OF THE WEEK (What makes her just the Kenziest Kenzi ever?)

“Not everybody here is a nookie-powered Amazon.”

BOOBS O’CLOCK O’ THE WEEK (Because you can’t spell “Boobs” without “Bo.”)

The really epic Bo cleavage hasn’t really started to show itself yet. But don’t worry, it’s coming.

So, what did you think of the second episode? Feeling all nostalgic about the days of Doccubus eye sex and roses? By all means, discuss.

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