“Lost Girl” SnapCap (2.14): Loki what the cat dragged in


So. Yeah. OK. No way to really avoid the elephant in the room. Bo went and got herself a new man. Um, when we all complained that we wanted the show to be sexier, perhaps we should have been a little more specific. But, there you go. Bo has herself a new playboy, inventor, Loki, Dark Fae fella. His name is Ryan. Yes, really — Ryan. And he says things like, “Every woman, no matter how independent, secretly wants to be taken care of, right?” Yes, we should have been way, way more specific.


Bo getting a new boy toy is kind of the opposite of AfterEllen Bait, though fans of Picket Fences and Jim Carrey’s ex-wives will recognize Lauren Holly as this week’s Fae of the Week. She plays an Afreet, a fae who feeds off the adulation of her fans. (I’m not sure how that makes her different from every other Hollywood actress.) Well, she does this thing where she shoots fire balls from her hands, so maybe that’s a smidge different. Also she almost sorta, kinda, not really makes out with Bo. Hey, there wasn’t much for us gay ladies in this episode. I’m doing the best I can.


OK, so what gives with the Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark Faeboy Bo is suddenly hooking up with? I find him obnoxious, glib and totally out of character for our little Bo-Bo. Granted, it’s hard to pass up baggage-free, no-strings booty calls sometimes. And, yes, Bo did just come through some “pretty complicated emotional stuff.” But Bo has better taste than that. I mean, as much as I am Team Lauren, I at least like Dyson. But this dude, seriously?


Big bagel on the Doccubus action. Big bagel on seeing Lauren at all. But the Ash does at least mention her when he tells Bo, “The doctor has a very important role to play in the coming battle. And I’ve placed a tremendous amount of faith in her ability to deliver. If we defeat the Garuda then you and I, we can revisit the whole Lauren situation.” There are no words to describe how much I want this show to “revisit the whole Lauren situation.” And soon.


The Ash asks Bo to help him catch this Afreet, who supposedly can help defeat the Garuda. So Bo has to trap this genie in a lamp, metaphorically. And then she gets trapped in the lamp with her, slightly less metaphorically. And it all culminates with, I kid you not, a hickey. I’ve heard of sealed with a kiss before, but this is a little ridiculous.

Also, we find out when the Norn took Dyson’s love for Bo, she took all of his ability to love because wolves mate for life. So, you know, sucks for Ciara. Oh, and I can’t be the only one who cheered a little when the Afreet threw Ryan down the elevator shaft? Stupid utility safety belt.


A week without Kenzi is like a year without Christmas. Why even both being good if there’s no present at the end? Sigh.


Can you believe they didn’t break out the epic Bo cleavage this week? No Lauren. No Kenzi. No boobs. As a consolation, here is perplexed Bo with a cookie.

So. Yeah. OK. That happened. Maybe it was all a dream. Ouch. Nope, just pinched myself – not a dream. Let’s hope the show wakes up next week.

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