Gay Girl’s Goggles: “30 Rock” SnapCap (6.02) – “Idiots Are People Two!”


Yes, Lemonheads (or Rockosaurs – trying to find a good nickname for us 30 Rock fans), this is the big “Tracy says terrible things about gays” episode. I both was curious for and nervous about this episode. Because really, what Tracy said was so terrible it’s hard to think how it could be made light of without making light of its terribleness. But then, taking real-life situations and making light of them in smart ways is kind of 30 Rock’s trademark.

So then, how did they do with Big Gay Apology Episode? Eh. I’m not really impressed or unimpressed right now. I’m kind of eh. While I don’t think there was anything unforgivably offensive toward us, the seriously aggrieved LGBT people of the planet, in this episode I do think they could have done better. (And, no, I wasn’t offended by the “her when she’s drunk” line, because an entire Girls Gone Wild video line was built on that very premise.) Though Tracy calling GLAD instead of GLAAD? That was pretty perfect.

While some smart & salient points were made (you can’t turn gay – no matter what the people of Raleigh, N.C. think they did to Clay Aiken), the gay protest really was given short shrift for the idiot protest. Though, having met Tracy Morgan before, I can confirm that that dude is a largely harmless idiot. (Please, don’t get mad at me about ableist language – sometimes you have to call an idiot and idiot.) Of course, this is “To be continued” so I’ll hold off final judgment until we see the ending. But still, as much as I love this show – and I love love love this show — eh.

AFTERELLEN BAIT (What enticement did the episode use to reel in gay lady viewers?)

Well, Liz wears her sexy librarian glasses and a plaid shirt the whole episode, so that’s something, right? Also Denise Richards shows up, if you’re into hot idiots. Oh and Jenna looks super hot without her special pink filter florescent light bulbs. I mean just look at her. Rawwwr.

FEELINGS, FEELINGS, FEELINGS! (Did the episode give you a lot of feelings?)

Well, I talked a lot about my feelings already. But we’re all gay ladies here (mostly – hello straight folks, we don’t bite), so we have an abundance of feelings. Mostly my feeling was I hope Liz’s new boyfriend (played by James Marsden) isn’t just another Dennis Duffy. Sure, he seems sweeter than Dennis already. But inappropriate loser boyfriends with terrible career choices don’t always have to be Liz’s thing, right?

MAKING LEMON-ADE (What were the best Liz Lemon antics of the week?)

Mostly, I just wanted to do a slow clap for Liz when she said what we’re all thinking while watching House Hunters: “I also have a lot of imaginary arguments with the couples on House Hunters. Why can’t people look past paint color?” Bravo, ma’am, bravo. Also, Liz’s TGS headshot is really an old picture of Tina Fey from her high school yearbook.

HEY, NERDS! (How much delightfully nerdy funny business was there?)

Lots of shows say they are equality opportunity offenders. But 30 Rock, 30 Rock actually is. The series has gone after everyone, and I mean everyone – conservatives, liberals, whites, blacks, Germans, Greeks, gays, idiots. No target is safe from Tina and company’s comedy harpoons. This episode was no different. In fact, besides idiots, these very special idiot subgroups should all feel terribly offended and start their own protests: frat guys, DJs, loud mouth old bitches, investment bankers, the tramp stamped, Parrot Heads, anti-vaccination crusaders and people who won’t shut up about scuba diving. Also, anyone who watches Kendra.

So, what did you think. Did the Big Gay Apology Episode satisfy you? Are you hoping for more in its second part? Also, what the what with Kelsey Grammer showing up?

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