Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.12) — “Witness”



If nothing else, The Secret Circle makes me glad I didn’t have special witchy powers in high school. I mean these kids are just amazingly stupid. People are dying all around them. A mass killing unites their families. Yet, they just go marching in to dangerous situations — because they can. Half their parents are dead. The live half is too busy effing with each other to notice that their kids are almost getting murdered every week. And apparently, no other adults live in Chance Harbor. 


Last week’s multiple ‘ships gave way to a big fat zero this week. Melissa’s nowhere to be found. Faye’s barely in the show. Cassie’s busy p-teasing Adam and Jake, while Diana nervously paces the bedroom, wondering when her roomie will get home from the near-death dance. Finally, she hears Adam’s car and rushes to Cassie’s side. She says she’s been worried about both of them, but she only has eyes for her Cassie. Time for bed, honey.


Creepy Dawn is getting creepier. She’s all smiles and good cheer when she invites Diana out for a spot of coffee.

But her inner ice queen emerges the minute she’s alone with Charles. He’s so unfair, being cross with her just because she wanted to kill his mom. Men are so mean!

While Dawn skips off to try to get Ethan on her side, Cassie and Jake decide that the only way to make peace with the past is by using dark magic to return to it. No, a time turner isn’t involved. This is mind magic: Cassie gets in Jake’s head to read his memory because Jake as a tiny curly-headed toddler snuck into his parents’ car the night of the fire and saw the whole thing. 

This brings up the whole issue of how The Secret Circle kids had to be conceived when their parents were teenagers. Plus, I wonder how a tiny kid watched his parents die then got home all by himself without anybody noticing. (Unless no other adults live in Chance Harbor.) And how did things that Jake never saw get in his memories? Sigh. I guess if we start worrying about continuity on the CW, we’ll all go nutso. 

The fire scene was pretty intense, but I think I was supposed to feel a lot more feelings about it than I did. I doubt, though, that I was supposed to be freaked out by the mere image of the shipyard. Did anybody else get a déjà vu feeling?



I think we all can agree that this episode had entirely too little Faye. Just enough for us to know that our girl is headed for trouble again. We know that look by now.

Faye, just stay away from scruffy boys with magic, voodoo, mind-altering thingies. 


Plot-wise, this was a big episode. Now Cassie knows that the fire wasn’t started by her dad John Blackwell, but by the witch-hunters. And that Blackwell escaped — he didn’t die in the fire like everyone thinks. (In fact, Blackwell’s face is hidden under a hoodie exactly like “A” in PLL. Dun-dun-DUN.) Just to be sure, Jake and Cassie dig up Blackwell’s coffin, as any normal person would do. And they’re able to walk right into the cemetery and start digging because, well, no other adults live in Chance Harbor. 

We also learn some interesting things about Ethan. Dawn tries to get him on her side by telling him that Charles hurt her — and Ethan gets Charles’s crystal. But doing magic feels good, especially when he chokes Charles the same way Charles choked him earlier in the season. And Ethan actually was at the fire, although he’s always said otherwise. Hmm. 

Oh, and also, Cassie goes back to the place her dad wasn’t burned at the stake and finds the medallion that he used to escape and then dropped. It has that same symbol on it as the one Faye’s Fake Voodoo Guy used to try to steal Cassie’s powers. 

Cassie’s fingernails are really short. Just sayin’.

We don’t have another new episode until February 2, so let us know what you think. Any new insights after this episode of The Secret Circle

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