“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.11): “This Magic Moment”


On last night’s Grey’s Anatomy “This Magic Moment” episode, Meredith’s voice-over teaches the us that operating rooms are just like theaters. (Which is why I always wear a wig while I watch the show.) Doctors put on costumes (i.e. scrubs), they use props, they rehearse beforehand (although I hate it when they rehearse on pig carcasses) and have an attentive group of people looking on from the gallery just like an audience. (FYI, I put in a request in to be Sara Ramirez’s understudy, which means if she gets sick then I’ll have to step in and play Jessica Capshaw’s wife. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.)

Since everything seems to be in place, let’s start the show!

AfterEllen Bait

Seattle Grace has a once-in-a-lifetime surgery (again), but this time they are separating conjoined twin babies that are attached at their backs. The staff must work together on this intense surgery so they are divided into two teams, team red and team green. (I’d want to be on the red team because, well, I look good in red.)

I have good news for all you Calzona fans! This week Callie and Arizona are in the same scene at the same time. They even speak to each other. Although Callie is yelling at an aggressive Arizona to lay off during the conjoined twins surgery. But hey, at least they’re speaking.

And don’t worry, at the end of the episode they are all smiles and ass slaps. Callie smacks Arizona on the butt, which I believe is a special shout out to the AE audience. Thanks Callie!

Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

Last week Teddy finally found out that her husband Henry died, and this week she’s back in the OR. Shouldn’t Teddy take a leave of absence?

While Teddy and April work on various patients Cristina must stand in the OR and repeat over and over again what exactly happened during Henry’s surgery. Teddy grills Cristina and then tells her to start over at the top so she can hear the step-by-step of what happen and figure out if something was missed.

April finally has enough and yells at Teddy, “She said she’s sure! Enough! It’s enough! Enough, you can’t keep doing this! He’s gone. Dr. Altman, I’m sorry, but he’s gone, and this is not going to bring him back, so please just stop. Please.”

Without flinching Teddy responds, “Are you alright, Dr. Kepner? Or do you need time to gather yourself?”

After running Henry’s surgery over and over in her mind, Teddy finally accepts that Henry is gone.

Cristina: I’m sorry.

Teddy: You don’t apologize. You hear me. You don’t blame yourself. You did every single thing that I would have done. You were me in that OR. You did good and you did it right. He just…he just…he just died.

Teddy breaks down and cries, and then I cry. Either I’m PMSing every Thursday night at 9 pm or the Grey’s writers have really stepped it up this season. (Note to self, make an appointment with my OB/GYN to be sure.)

Whores & Gore
While the teen parents of the conjoined twins look at the new baby clothes for their soon-to-be separated children, they suddenly start aggressively making out right in front of Lexie.

Poor Lexie, she is not having a good season 8. Lexie is still mooning over Mark. She hears Mark say that he wishes she was in the OR with him, which makes Lexie so happy. But Mark is actually talking on his Bluetooth to his new girlfriend. (Ouch!)

Ben is acting like a U-hauling lesbian by pressuring Bailey to move in with him. Bailey thinks it’s too soon because it’s only been two weeks, but Ben reminds her that they’ve actually been together for nine months and two weeks (before the pause) but who’s counting.

Bailey agrees to move slowly with Ben and she scurries off to get her toothbrush, which she intends to leave at Ben’s apartment. 

Medical Mishaps
While Bailey is trying to avoid Ben’s advances in the OR she accidentally misplaces a sponge that everyone believes is still inside of the patient. While the patient lies open on the table, Meredith sees the sponge on the bottom of Bailey’s shoe. (Now someone please close up the patient! Dust is getting in their organs.)

Back at the McDreamy household, new parents Meredith and Derek are video recording themselves with Zola. While they are watching one of their videos, Zola starts to walk towards the TV. Derek fumbles with the video camera but he misses capturing the epic moment. That’s OK, Derek. I’m the middle child in my family, so there are very few videos and photos of me as a child.  Apparently, my parents used up all the rolls of film on my older sister.

Ta-da! What did you all think of this episode? My favorite moments were the Calzona ass-slapping scene and Teddy telling Cristina that she “did good.” What were your favorites?

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