Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap 1.11 — “Fire and Ice”



A lot of people on Tumblr were SO EXCITED after this episode because Adam and Cassie shared a kiss. But hello! Diana and Cassie have been sharing a bed for weeks! In fact, in the very first scene, Diana comes into the bedroom with nothing but a robe on and says, “You’re in the same position you were as when I woke up.” Which, in the original language, means, “Honey, I loved waking you up and trying that new position.” 

Cassie is still kind of worried about her dark magic after getting buried and left for dead by Diana’s grams, but Diana is there for her.

Oh, yeah. I think she’s coming. In fact, things get so hot Diana’s dress catches fire. Which, if you looked closely at that dress, is a blessing.

Later, when Adam asks Cassie to go to the Fire and Ice dance (moment of silence for Robert Frost), she remembers the morning and, after laughing at the very idea of going with him, says no. “That would hurt Diana … I’m lucky just to know someone like her.” That’s how straight girls talk about each other, right? (We really need to figure out the name of this ship, but when the most obvious options are Bleed and D’assie, it’s not easy.)

Melissa is still unhappy with Faye about flirting with Creepy Fake Voodoo Guy and needs solace. If Diana’s afterglow from her morning romp had faded, the good ship Delissa might have launched. Or maybe re-launched.

This show is so gay.


Dark magic is scary. Too much bursting into flames and glass breaking and people nearly dying. But Mr. Voodelicious Lee is more than ready to see Faye filled with the spirit of evil. He has been stalking the circle and wants to “help” Faye steal Cassie’s magic. But he doesn’t say why. Do. Not. Like.

The most feelings come near the end of the episode, after Faye almost murders the entire Secret Circle. Melissa passes out in the bathroom and nearly dies in the fire. But is she pissed at Faye? No, she feels bad for her. She’s worried about her girl. Sigh. Get a clue, Faye. 


Faye is not a very likable b-witch this episode. She’s mean to her OTP Melissa more than once. And she’s power-obsessed, to the point that she doesn’t care what she has to do to get back her indy magic. 

Granted, Faye on a power trip is awesome. 

But nearly killing the circle is not. At least she realizes what was happening and reverses the spell. “That’s my circle in there.” You got it, Faye.

But seriously, just learn your locker combination, mm-kay? 


Cassie discovers that her dad Satan owned a house at 7 Briar Hill — which happens to be the circle’s secret clubhouse. The symbol she finds in the basement is what Faye and Creepy Fake Voodoo Guy used to drain dark magic from Cassie. It’s also what gets Adam and Cassie making out, before Jake interrupts. Nothing in this paragraph bodes well for future circle happiness.

Plus, Faye’s little adventure on the dark side came very close to recreating the fire that killed the Secret Circle’s parents. When Adam’s dad Ethan spends an entire episode sober, you know things are getting serious. 

What did you think of “Fire and Ice?”

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