Gay Girl’s Goggles “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.10) — “Darkness”



The Secret Circle is back with a vengeance — a lot of vengeance. We’re just not sure whose is going to win. And right now, we don’t even know whom to root for. (See what I did there?)


Fayelissa is so on. 

Oh, sure, Faye thinks she’s talking about magic. But magic between women is the most magical magic of all. Right? In fact, I think that’s why people like Pat Robertson think lesbianism equals witchcraft: Magic between women. On this show, especially, the most chemistry between any characters is among the women, whether they like each other or not. You never know if they’re going to choke each other — or make out.


Oh, Cassie, you love your darkness. But girl, you’d best watch with the nearly killing people. No matter how good it feels.

On the other hand, nearly killing Diana’s ex inspired her to ask you to spend a few days at her house so you wouldn’t be alone and scared. You never know what’s going to work with a girl, I guess.

On the third hand, nearly killing people nearly got you killed. But bursting out of your grave felt pretty damn good. Things are so confusing. Maybe grams will come home sane and soon to make everything better. 


Faye wants her Lissa back. So what if boyfriend Nick died a horrible death? According to Faye, he’s bored now. “Imagine being a ghost and watching you be sad all the time?”

Most of all, Faye’s sick of the kind of magic that “needs five other people to hold hands with.” And she’s willing to do whatever she has to in order to solo spell. According to the internet, that means Voodoo. And even though the hot neighborhood Voodoo storekeeper who played football for the Dillon Panthers is a fake, Faye is entranced. Melissa is pissed, especially when Voodelicious wants a closer look at Faye’s magic. That’s her Faye he’s boob painting on.



Diana’s Grandma Kate didn’t come to visit just to make Charles and Diana (!) a nice dinner. She recognizes the darkness in Cassie and wants to test her power. So, she buries Cassie in an airtight box to see if she survives. I guess Kate got her training at Salem.

But Cassie’s survival means something more — Kate tells her son that Cassie is “the one we’ve been waiting for; strong enough to tip the balance between good and evil.” Hmm. Now Kate’s gone home, Cassie’s fearfully psyched about her super power, Faye’s about to go dark, and Jake is lurking in the woods. Chance Harbor is such a happy place. 

What did you think of this week’s The Secret Circle?

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