“Glee” Episode 306 Recap: World War Glee


I didn’t expect this episode to live up to the standard set
by last week’s. I was hoping, however, for a little consistency of style and
tone, some more cohesive use of the themes raised last week and throughout the

Then I remembered: It’s Glee.
Roll with it. So we’ll roll, from the cartoon-violence, unrealistic “Sue for Congress” campaign ads and
developments, to the set-to-music dodgeball war, to the ongoing tragedy of Blaine Anderson‘s short pants, all the
way to the not-so-cartoonish-anymore final few minutes of “Mash-Off.”

The first thing we learn is that the Lion King Puck-fassa has been caged. He’s hot for
teacher. He sings about it. I couldn’t bear to watch. I’m sure there is some
kind of Pucklby fandom where you can watch the clip if you missed it.

When Puck Halen performs for the rest of the New Directions,
Rachel wonders if “Hot For
Teacher” is appropriate. Of course it’s not appropriate, Rachel, but
neither is half the stuff you kids do in show choir, so deal with it.

Mr. Schue says
whether or not it’s appropriate depends on what Puck’s intent is. Puck (who had
earlier voiced-over that he’s 18 so his relationship with Shelby
is legal) lies and says, “Guess I just dig Van Halen.” Will high-fives him.

Is there somewhere I can sign up to conscientiously object
to this storyline?

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