Rebecca’s sushi addiction


Can’t get enough of Work Out? In addition to the regular Tuesday night episodes, Bravo is offering special webisodes chronicling the trainers’ days off. This week, on the two-part “Rebecca’s Day Off,” Rebecca takes Jackie out for sushi at her favorite West Hollywood sushi restaurant, Niko Niko.

Here’s a mini-recap: Rebecca starts off by gushing about how much she loves sushi — she even dreams about it. Jackie says to her indulgently, “You are so addicted to raw fish.”


The Niko Niko sushi chef invites Rebecca behind the sushi bar and helps her make her own roll, while Jackie sits back and watches her protégé packing that rice with what appears to be Sriracha-spiced salmon and avocado. “This is the first sushi roll I have ever made,” Rebecca says proudly when she’s finished, “and I think I might have a career in it.” Let’s just take a moment to consider the potential metaphors.

Did this lunch take place before or after their big snogfest at that other sushi restaurant? And do trainers only eat sushi?

According to a Bravo press release, on tonight’s episode Jackie and Rebecca “have a coming out party,” and the other trainers start freaking out about the inappropriate employer-employee relationship going on in front of their faces. Rebecca’s not too concerned, though. “If the other trainers don’t like it, then it sucks for them,” she states in the press release. “Jackie and I have spent a ton of time together, no one else even knew about it, it just came to a head that night.” 

Jesse, Jackie’s former girlfriend, thinks otherwise: “Jackie’s just delusional if she thinks she can have an open relationship with Rebecca and not have all of us talk about it.” Uh, yeah. This is a reality TV show, after all. Methinks Jackie knew folks would talk about it; she strikes me as a marketing-savvy kinda gal. I know I’ll be tuning in to see how she spins this indiscretion.

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