8 Gay & Lesbian “Cowboys & Aliens” Spin-Offs We’d Like to See


Olivia Wilde‘s sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters today, and it’s got us thinking about other gross-genre films we’d like to watch on the big screen. Of course, our choices are a little gayer than what you normally see in big budget Hollywood films, but we think we’re onto something. 

Ninjas & Naomily

Emily Fitch is as courageous as they come. At the end of Skins fourth series, she even gave Naomi the courage to really be brave, and really want her back. Now, what if they take that internal heroism and learn some kung-fu under the tutlage of Scott Pilgrim‘s Roxy Richter? Emily could teach Roxy a little something about forgiveness, and Roxy could teach Naomily a little something about ass-kicking. 

Crimefighters & Cheerleaders

A Kate Kane/Spencer Carlin personality clash is what crack! ships are made of! The bitter vigalante from Batwoman and the warm everygirl from South of Nowhere find the yen to their yang in each other. (If you know what I mean, and I think you do.) Plus, you know Mama Carlin has plenty of costumes in her closet she’d let Spencer borrow. 

Warriors & Doctors

Callie and Arizona have always needed a little perspective on their drama, and Xena and Gabrielle have always needed an example to make out already, dammit! Plus, how long do you think Mark Sloan would last in Xena’s presence? Zero seconds. That’s how long. 

Emily & Santana

Just Emily & Santana. On the big screen together. For two hours. And you know Lea Salonga, the voice of Jasmine in Aladdin, is Shay Mitchell’s aunt, right? Which means: Musical numbers! Duets! Also, it would take Santana about five minutes to uncover the identity of “A,” and go Lima Heights-adjacent on her. Me gusta. 

Vampires & Mediums

Pam De Beaufort from True Blood and Cara from Legend of the Seeker would probably kill one another in a matter of minutes. Or maybe they’d take turns trying to out-leather one another. Who needs plot when you’ve got that?

Time Lords & Power Suits

Ever since I saw a photo manipulation called “Bette-Woman” (Jennifer Beals‘ face on Batwoman’s body), I have been obsessed with seeing The L Word‘s Bette Porter in some kind of sci-fi show. She and Torchwood‘s Jack Harkness could trade fashion tips, bossy bottom tips, and Being A Captain tips. And they could do it all while traveling through time and space. 

Witches & Wizards

Dumbledore always needed a Willow. Someone to listen to and love him, someone who was smart enough to embrace his whimsy and get his jokes. And Willow always needed a Dumbledore, a mentor who could focus solely on her. Together, they’d be an unstoppable force. As soon as Willow was sorted into Gryffindor. 

Pritchetts & Tuckers

Honestly, I’d just love to see a feature length film with Modern Family‘s Cam and Mitchell. 

Which of these movies would you like to see? Can you think of anymore?

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