Patricia Clarkson set to guest on “Parks and Recreation”


You know when you love a show so much and watch every week and think to yourself, “How could this show possibly get better?” Well, it could add Patricia Clarkson.

Parks and Recreation, the best comedy you’re probably not watching, has brought on the Academy Award nominated actress to play Ron Swanson’s first wife, Tammy 1. She will appear as the much-feared first wife of the adorably curmudgeonly Ron in the show’s season premiere, according to

Tammy 1 appeared only from behind in the May finale of Parks and Recreation. Her character strikes fear not only into Ron, but his bat-guano crazy second wife Tammy 2 (played by Ron Swanson actor Nick Offerman’s real wife Megan Mullally). So, let’s just say her character should be pretty freaking amazing.

Parks and Recreation executive producer Michael Schur told TV Guide not to expect Tammy 1 to be just another Tammy 2:

We talked about pretty much every possible iteration of who she is and what her backstory is and all we knew is that we didn’t want to do the same thing we did with Tammy 2. Tammy 1 is her own specific brand of demon. I think we came up with backstory for her that’s both funny and illuminating and also answers all of the questions that you would have when seeing people’s reactions to her presence in the finale.

Clarkson is no stranger to comedy. She appeared in several episodes of Frasier, guest starred in two Saturday Night Live “Mother Lover” Digital Shorts and most recently played Emma Stone’s mom who admitting to sleeping with a lot of people in her youth, “mostly boys,” in Easy A. And, of course, she famously played Ally Sheedy’s strung-out lover Greta in High Art. True Story, I thought Clarkson was actually German after that role until I saw her in her next film and realized, oh, acting.

Clarkson is expected to appear in two episodes, beginning with the show’s Sept. 22 season premiere. So, excited to see such high-caliber talent join Amy Poehler, et al?

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